Losing inches of fat is not simple, but can be done.

You add a few years and a few pounds. Your clothes fit a little tighter. Soon, the new clothes you bought are also tight. You have been on a few diets that seem to work at times, but those several inches around your middle do not go away. What could be the problem? More importantly, what is the solution?

Stress, imbalance, metabolism, nutrient absorption, and more are probably the major contributors to stopping the fat-burning processes in your body. Stress can be both external and internal. Stress from things in your life can increase cortisol which loves to store fat, especially around the middle of your body.

Cortisol increases inflammation at the cellular level. It can suppress the digestive processes also. Stress affects the production of your thyroid hormones which can become a major factor in not losing weight and fat.

Internal stress, or oxidative stress, causes the body to work less efficiently. It can disrupt your digestive ability and nutrients needed by the body are not processed. Nutrient deficiency stops the metabolism of fat – stops fat burning.

Imbalances become part of our lives as we grow older. Electrolyte imbalance and hormone imbalance are two big issues that stop the fat-burning processes. Alcohol can interfere with hormone balance, especially testosterone which is a major factor in fat loss.

Our metabolism runs well when we are younger. Somewhere after 25 years of age, we see those extra pounds become so hard to lose. Aging lowers your metabolic rate. Ghrelin, lack of sleep, stress, hormone imbalance, dehydration, toxins, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and several other factors impact our body’s ability to function properly. We gain weight and then gain some more as continue to age.

It is not one thing that caused us to gain weight and extra inches. It is not one thing that will reverse weight gain and fat loss. Some things work well, at the risk of other things. For instance, I lost gobs of weight and inches following the Atkins Diet. I was not aware of acidosis and what it was doing to my body because of living on less than five grams of carbohydrates a day.

Loss of bone density resulted from my food choices on Atkins. The same can be true for keto and other diets that do not ensure nutrient balance. Caloric restriction helps but reducing calories through diet and burning calories through exercise does not guarantee healthy weight loss.

Weight and fat loss must be done in a healthy manner to prevent future health issues. Your weight and fat gain did not happen overnight. It will not be solved overnight either. There is no simple solution to any weight/fat problem after a few decades of life.

What worked in the first twenty or thirty years of life does not work as effectively in the decades that follow. Healthy weight loss is more desirable than weight loss. Maybe it is better to be ten or fifteen pounds more than you desire and be healthy that lean with health issues?

Here is a quick tip to help get you started on healthy weight loss – choose a smaller plate, do not overfill it, and never go back for seconds. Choose a lifestyle (not a diet) that guarantees nutrient balance for over 30 nutrients the body needs daily. Ensure that your food choices leave your body in an alkaline environment so that you will never have to worry about the loss of bone density.

A lifestyle lasts forever. Diets last for weeks or months. Your current lifestyle got you into your current problem. A change in lifestyle is required to get you to the solution you seek.

Life Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin – RedOLaughlin.com


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