Welcome to Red O’Laughlin Independent Publisher

My company publishes books, primarily for new authors. Credibility is critical for businesses. Being a published author is one way to establish credibility as a business owner.

At a Toastmasters meeting a while back, I spoke about how being introduced as a published author increases the speaker’s credibility, mainly when the speaker writes in the same field they speak.

About a year later, one of the members of that meeting tracked me down. He had written a book and could not get it published. However, three weeks later, he had a copy of his new book in his hands.

Not all publishers operate by the same rules. For example, traditional publishers may not charge you a fee; however, your book may not be accepted most of the time. If accepted, you may lose your intellectual property rights, title, cover art, and more.

I generally charge around a thousand bucks to publish an electronic book on Kindle and a physical book (paperback) on Amazon. I create your author account and turn it over to you with proper training to access your account and make changes to pricing and whatever else is necessary.

I give two content changes and one cover change for free as part of my service. Why can I charge a low price for publishing compared to other independent publishers? Because I only publish. I do not edit, proof, market, create a website, etc. Bring me the finished manuscript – edited and proofed, and I will evaluate it and provide you an estimate for publishing. On special occasions, I will get involved with a new author to work with them on their concept, writing, editing, publishing, and marketing.

Publishing involves attention to detail in the formatting process to ensure each page is accurate and correct. I have had authors with over 90 chapters, some with over 100 photos. Each chapter requires specific attention. Photos are also time-intensive for both the paperback (black and white copy) and the e-book with color photos. I also verify each hyperlink to ensure accuracy at the time of publishing. I have had a book or two with nearly 50 hyperlinks.

Recently, I was a guest on a live television show, and I talked about how easy it is to write and publish a book. After the show, the owner of the broadcast company asked me to assist her in writing her book. We chatted briefly, and I agreed. This is one of those special occasions I mentioned earlier.  We started in February 2021 to write a memoir. In early April, we were ready to create her author account and upload her book and cover to Amazon/Kindle.

She decided that she wanted to change her book from a memoir to a how-to book.

We began rewriting, editing, proofing, new cover art, and more immediately. The book was published near the last week of May, with her e-book a few days behind. Within a week, she was a Number 1 Bestselling Author. We worked on her marketing and advertising to create sales and reviews during the first week of printing, and her book took over the number one spot on Amazon briefly.

Not all books are the same – memoirs can be more involved than a simple how-to book. Books can be written easily on the weekend by planning your book as a recorded interview. The 1-3-5-7-9 method of creating content can help new authors determine the right amount of detail when writing their chapters. Give me a call, and we can go over the mechanics of this type of content creation.

Some of the books I have published for my clients.