Choose a diet regimen that leads to long-term health.
Larisa-K / Pixabay – Choose a diet regimen that leads to long-term health.

My wife eliminated months of chemotherapy drug induced fatigue in 48 hours with only the dietary portion of the Wahls Protocol. She started this new nourishment regimen on the first day of her radiation therapy. Two days into radiation therapy her fatigue was gone and the radiation therapy had no fatigue-effect whatsoever.

The dietary portion of the Wahls Protocol is a paleo diet with balanced nutrition. The Standard American Diet turns on 65 genes that increases inflammation in the body. The Wahls Protocol turns on 72 genes that decrease inflammation. Low-level chronic inflammation is the genesis of 80+% of all disease.

A Ketogenic diet is one that contains high-fat, adequate protein and low in carbohydrates. It mimics the Wahls Protocol, but does not require balanced nutrition across 30+ nutrients our bodies need daily. A Paleo diet comprises the types of foods that our early ancestors (think thousands of years ago) ate – meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Grain, processed foods and many dairy options are not allowed. Atkins is high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates.

Each of these dietary options eliminates carbohydrates. It forces the body to use fat for fuel instead of glucose. Atkins is not definitive in what to eat and can cause other health problems, such as acidosis. I have tried each of these and prefer to live a lifestyle of the Wahls Protocol. It is definitive in what I eat daily, but gives me choices.  It causes my body to be alkaline.

We think diets are temporary to correct an overweight condition. A lifestyle is for the rest of our lives. Longevity increases with lower caloric intake. Balanced nutrition and caloric restriction fit nicely into the Wahls Protocol, especially when intermittent fasting is incorporated daily.

We have choices. Each choice has benefits. I believe the Wahls Protocol has more benefits than the other paleo/keto-type diets. The Wahls Protocol also incorporates exercise, toxin removal and stress reduction which are lifestyle issues and not dietary.

Long-term health is based on many factors. Deficiencies in required nutrients lead to disease, especially age-related diseases. As with any change in your life, you should consult your physician before embarking on any new lifestyle changes. This is critical if you are on any prescription drugs.

Choices have consequences.

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