Diabetes is serious.
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Type 2 diabetes is an acquired disease. It is a matter of controlling glucose. I am not a doctor and offering medical advice. I am talking about lifestyle choices. You should consult your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle. Diabetes is serious – don’t let it get worse!

Fasting glucose should be 80 mg/dL rather than the 100 mg/dL that is the current level to raise concern. Post-meal glucose should be under 120 mg/dL. Lifestyle choices include the foods you eat, your exercise regimen, stress management, alcohol consumption, smoking cessation, toxin elimination, and hydration.

Longevity studies show that daily reduced caloric intake with balanced nutrition combined with intermittent fasting and exercise reduces the risk of age-related diseases. People on this regimen look younger and can do the things they did decades earlier in their lives.

My wife had breast cancer a few years ago. Fatigue was constant through chemotherapy. She switched to the Wahls Protocol diet and within 48 hours her fatigue disappeared – and, has remained gone to this day. I chose the Wahls Protocol based on the life of Dr. Terry Wahls.

Dr. Wahls is a physician and contracted multiples sclerosis late in life. All the medical treatment left her in a wheelchair for four years before she adopted her own protocol. Within three months she was out of her wheelchair and walking using a walker. A month later she was able to walk using a cane. Within a year she was able to bicycle 18 miles.

Her protocol is based on balanced nutrition. Balance everything and magic happens. Reducing calories and intermittent fasting lead to a longer, healthier life. Exercising on a daily basis also affects longevity and health. Exercise includes cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, etc.

Stress is the genesis of 70+% of all doctors’ visits. Stress creates many health problems. It needs to be treated daily – several times a day. Visit YouTube and adopt at least two things you can every day to manage stress.

Stop smoking. No further discussion on this topic. Moderate drinking on occasion, not every day, is considered a health benefit. Moderate equates to one drink two or three times a week. One drink translates to 12 ounces of beer, or five ounces of wine, or an ounce and a half of 80 proof distilled spirit.

Hydration is required for good health. Hydration means water, not coffee, tea or soft drink. If you are not urinating every couple of hours, you are not drinking enough water. Food and personal care products contain toxins. Toxins disrupt our health. Almost every packaged food or drink has toxins to preserve it, color it or make it taste better. If you put something on your skin (soap, toothpaste, etc.) it probably contains toxins. Remove as many as possible from your life.

All of these lifestyle actions help. Begin doing one and master it before moving to the next. Over several months, you can make a major difference in your overall health. Remember to include your doctor in any changes in your lifestyle, especially if you are taking any prescription medicines.

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