Incremental changes today make a better tomorrow.
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I’ve been told that 300 words are ideal for a blog. I strive for that, but it doesn’t always work well. Keeping with my theme and 300-word limit, here we go again.

I mentioned balanced nutrition and restricted calories yesterday. I also mentioned restricting/eliminating carbohydrates from processed foods, corn, potatoes, etc. Add dairy to that list. Avoid/reduce or eliminate dairy as much as possible. If you are trying to obtain balanced nutrition and reduced calories, then dairy options are not for you. They add calories and nutrients that can be obtained from other lower-calorie sources.

How does we begin to have balanced nutrition with lower calories without a lot of study and reference materials every time we eat? I use The Wahls Protocol as the basis of my dietary program. The recommended daily foods from this protocol are leafy green vegetables, colored fruits and vegetables (color must go all the way through the fruit or vegetable – think blueberry, not eggplant), sulfur-laden vegetables (cruciferous – cauliflower, onions, broccoli, etc.) and high-quality protein and fats.

I typically eat a meal with six to nine kinds of leafy green vegetables, depending on what’s available in the organic section of my grocery market. I eat about five or six types of colored fruits and vegetables daily. My sulfur-laden vegetables are generally onions, mushrooms and garlic. My protein sources are changed out daily so that I don’t eat the same protein within a two-day period. It helps the body become better adapted for processing amino acids.

All my foods are as organic as I can find. I eat one or two meals a day. I find that my cost of eating is less now than it was back when I was eating more often with lower quality foods. I am eating less on my plate and eating less often with better quality foods.

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