A smile is a very fast way to defuse a stressful situation.
Giuliamar / Pixabay – A smile is a very fast way to defuse a stressful situation.

Our bodies respond to stress by creating huge quantities of cortisol and adrenaline.

There are only a few times when we need extra cortisol and adrenaline to get out of danger. However, today we are not often in the same type of danger that requires immediate withdrawal; as fast as humanly possible.

Stress is becoming chronic. Chronic stress can be controlled. The first option is to remove yourself from the stressor. Physically relocating yourself helps immensely. Deep breathing exercises combined with muscle group relaxation techniques counter the initial surges of cortisol. Our stress levels begin to recede almost immediately.  I’ve found that a simple smile is enough to combat stress.

Many people live in the past and guard their stress to a degree that it is nearly impossible to release it. You might be worried about something you did – or, what someone else did to you. You are living in the past – let it go! If you want to keep a healthy body, as you age, you have to let go of all those old emotional feelings.

There are many stress management techniques. I recommend viewing YouTube. Type in ‘stress relief techniques’. Watch and follow the short videos. Exercise is a great equalizer of stress. I use it as part of my long-term stress management program. I personally use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), meditation and breathing exercises daily.

Some people occasionally insist they are not stressed. The common signs of chronic stress are:

Frequent headaches
Jaw clenching/pain
Gritting/grinding of teeth
Tremors (lips/hands)
Neck/Back ache/pain
Muscle spasms
Ringing/buzzing or popping sounds
Frequent blushing/sweating
Cold or sweaty hands/feet
Dry mouth
Allergy attacks
Stomach pain
Chest pain
Rapid pulse
Sudden panic
Frequent urination
Increased anger
Diminished sexual desire/performance
Difficulty breathing
Hair loss
Increased or decreased appetite
Mood swings
Problems swallowing
Frequent colds

Recognizing stress is difficult. A bit of key advice:

Don’t let other (people, situations, events) control your emotions.

Why give up control of something so important as our overall health to another person? It makes no sense. Everyone gets irritated with people or situations. Release it after a brief bout of wondering. Let it go for your own health!

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