It is safe to go back into the water again.
blueflamingo / Pixabay – It is safe to go back into the water again.

Most of us want to live a healthy and long live. We have made errors and think that it might be too late to make effective changes in our lives. If you do what you always did, you will get what you have always gotten. You must change something to see a difference. The last two blogs have identified how AMPK helps you to extend your longevity with better health. With adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, it is easier than you think to start making changes that will be effective long-term.

How can we increase the amount of AMPK in our bodies? The first way is to eat nutritionally balanced meals daily. Nutritional balance helps to ensure hormonal balance. Reduce the total number of calories eaten daily. Intermittent fasting increases AMPK. Exercise causes the body to use energy. ATP (adenosinetriphosphate)  levels decrease and AMP levels increase. As AMP (adenosinemonophosphate) levels increase, AMPK is activated.

There are some supplements that have been shown to activate AMPK. They are:

● Berberine
● EGCG from green tea
● Carnitine
● R-Lipoic acid
● Quercetin
● Glucosamine
● Resveratrol
● Curcumin
● Reishi mushrooms
● Extra virgin olive oil

One side note, ensure you add black pepper to you dish if you use raw turmeric (curcumin).  Black pepper extract (piperine) enhances the absorbability of curcumin. If you buy the supplement, ensure that piperine is one of the ingredients.

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