Sleep cures many ills.
TawnyNina / Pixabay – Sleep cures many ills.

Since yesterday, I’ve had over a dozen topics pass through my mind to blog about. Some are on the election – focusing on stress. Some are on health – my preference. Some are on my Camino de Santiago walk – I’ve had more than a couple people ask why I stopped blogging about this adventure. Some are on a few other more diverse topics.

I stayed up (very unlike me) till after two o’clock in the morning watching the election returns. I did not find out who won until I awoke four hours later. I had an early morning breakfast meeting that I wanted to go to. I set the alarm, told myself I was taking a long nap, awoke and got up and went on with my day.

The next night, I had another bedtime than normal. The following night was the 241st Marine Corps Birthday party. I was invited, as a guest of honor, to attend. I was feeling pretty good when I got home from that party and decided to finish a movie I had recorded a few days before.  Again, another post-midnight bedtime.

As a younger person, I could do multiple post-midnight events. Even thrived on them at times. However, we all need a little downtime to allow our bodies to recover. Sleep is the time when our bodies begin their daily repair cycle. There are times when we are tired and can fall asleep immediately. There are times when we cannot. There are stressors in our lives that we ponder over and over again while we try to go to switch our brains to the sleep cycle.

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Sometimes we self-medicate with wine or other adult beverages. Our bodies treat alcohol as a poison. It stops everything to get rid of it – to metabolize it. Ever had a couple of glasses or whatever alcoholic beverage and go to bed? Ever wake up a couple or more hours later wide awake from a dead sleep? It’s your body turning back on the normal metabolic processes – digestion, repair, etc. Your body has processed the demon rum and you are approaching normal again.

I use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) for many things. I decided a couple of nights ago to use EFT for sleep. I like Brad Yates’ YouTube videos. I pulled one of his on sleeping and watched and did the EFT routine. I went to sleep quickly and slept better than I have in a long time. I did it again last night (after driving 400+ miles yesterday to pick up my wife from a trip she went on this past week). Sleep, good restful sleep, will cure a lot of ills. But, it has to be quality sleep. EFT might be a solution for you. Check out YouTube EFT and Brad Yates and see if he can help you find the land of zzzzzs.

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