A single glass of wine is healthy, however, multiple glasses are not.

Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney, was asked a couple of days ago what made him so healthy and fit at the age of 76. He said, “Sex, Drugs, and
Rock & Roll.”

For some of us who enjoyed their teenage years in the 60s, Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll were becoming common place. I grew up in the so-called Golden Age of Rock & Roll. My enthusiasm with the counter-culture of the time evaporated when I entered boot camp in 1969.

As I look at the terms, ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll’, I can see a slight variance in the interpretation that can make our lives much more enjoyable decades down the road.


Equate ‘sex’ with exercise. Sex should require some level of exercise. We know that exercise has a positive impact of the two primary causes of aging. Both the length of telomeres and the level of human growth hormone improve longevity.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) stimulates human growth hormone. As we age, our levels of human growth hormone whither. Without high levels of human growth hormone, the risks of age-related disease increase.


Equate ‘drugs’ with diet. Most city water supplies have a hundred or more drugs (antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers, oral contraceptives, pain relievers, blood pressure meds – both prescription and over the counter, and many more pharmaceuticals). The EPA requires drinking water be tested for nearly 90 different contaminants. However, drugs and pharmaceuticals are not included on that list.

Is this dangerous? There are opinions on both sides. Diet also includes our food, which might contain antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial colorings and flavors, genetic modifications, preservatives and other types of chemicals to make manufacturing easier and extend shelf life. When in doubt, choose organic to minimize food contaminants. A nutritionally balanced healthy diet will reduce the risks of age-related disease.


Equate ‘rock and roll’ with relaxation. Most of us live with a constant bombardment of stress. We don’t know how to relax. We don’t do it daily. Stress is insidious. It is considered a causal factor in obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression and many other diseases.

Thinking about relaxing is not enough to reduce the level of stress in your body. I believe the easiest and quickest way to reduce stress is to smile. Exercise, breathing exercises, meditation, laughing and many more options are available for stress management. If someone or something is causing your stress, get away. Physically move to another location.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, interpreted slightly differently than the original definitions can help you enjoy and longer and healthier life.

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