Is there a simple answer to why kids are not getting the virus and older adults succumb to it more easily than other age groups?

I wrote an article yesterday about the pandemic virus and age. It appears that children under ten years of age are almost impervious to the virus and do not infect others. This was based on the IRR (incident rate ratio) and the COVID-19 TPR (test positivity rate) of school children in Israel and other countries worldwide.

It got me thinking about why young kids have a higher protection level to the virus than teenagers, adults, and older adults. What is different among people from their toddler years through their retirement from society? HGH (human growth hormone) may be the answer.

I research the human body at the cellular level looking for cause and effect relationships. Treat a symptom, and you will always be treating the symptom. Treat the cause, and you can fix the problem. As babies, we produce enormous amounts of human growth hormone.

HGH controls the entire growth process for us until our bodies reach maturity – usually in our early twenties. Kids up to ten years old have the highest levels of HGH in their lives. HGH levels begin to drop slightly as teenagers. As each decade passes, our bodies make less and less HGH.

A person over 65 years old has more HGH than a 75-year-old but less than a 55-year-old. After 75 years of age, the HGH levels are less than ten percent of what they were before we were teenagers. I wrote about this extensively in my book, Longevity Secrets for Healthy Aging,

HGH and the Immune System I thought about this overnight and roamed through Google to determine what to write about today and decided to check out human growth hormone and the immune system. Many references were going back years confirming that the immune system is enhanced when HGH levels are high.

The current protocol to combat the SARS-CoV-2 virus is to get everyone vaccinated, even those who survived the virus earlier. My granddaughter is in that category. She did not have symptoms but tested positive for almost 30 days. As soon as she could, she got vaccinated. She works in the healthcare industry, and I am confident she feels that it gives her an extra layer of protection around her patients.

The article I almost chose today suggests that the United States will never achieve herd immunity against COVID-19 because there are too many people who will never get the vaccine. Therefore, doom and gloom, we will have this virus with us for decades to come.

There was no mention of the newer vaccines (over 100 in development), more unique treatments (protease inhibitors – also wrote about that topic recently), and more. I use a nasal spray (Xlear – from CVS) every time I leave home. It affords almost 100% protection from the virus by blocking the ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) receptor in our nasal passages and lungs. The spike from the coronavirus must connect to our bodies via the ACE2 receptor.

I also keep my vitamin D3 levels (last test 108 ng/mL) high and my zinc level. Again, I have written about natural options that block or disrupt the virus’s progress into the body. Regardless, I am relying on my immune system to help me fight off any coronaviruses and any bacterial and fungal invaders.

One of the things I do routinely is to fast (water and unsweetened iced tea only) for a minimum of 72 hours monthly. Last month, I fasted for 140 hours. I have been doing this for several years. An extended fast is the quickest way to jump-start your body’s production of human growth hormone. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is another way.

HGH and Viruses Scientists have known for a while that HGH helps our bodies fight viruses. Studies show that HGH and immunoregulation are intricately linked. T cell and B cell growth rates increase when HGH levels are high. B cells are white blood cells that create antibodies that bind and kill foreign invaders. T cells are also white blood cells that produce cytokines to help your body locate and fight inflammation.

Immunoglobulin, made from blood plasma, is synthesized by HGH. These globulin particles are the antibodies that are the front-line defense of your immune system. Every time I went to Korea while I was in the military, I got a gamma globulin shot to increase my immune protection against the viruses, bacteria, and other toxins that might be encountered overseas. The shot was always stored in a refrigerator. I would spend almost a half-hour rubbing the syringe between my hands to warm up the liquid inside to near body temperature before being inoculated. Low-temperature fluids injected into the body took forever to stop hurting and disperse.

HGH also affects the production of myeloid progenitor cells. Reduce the number of progenitor cells, and viruses can sneak through easier. COVID-19 can attack and reduce the number of progenitor cells as part of their entry into the body. High levels of HGH keep the protection levels high.

Synthetic HGH Do not waste your time and money with synthetic HGH. It is much easier to have your body make more. In pill form, synthetic HGH cannot pass through digestive acid without being destroyed. There are unique situations for using synthetic HGH, and fighting COVID-19 is not one of them.


I do not know if naturally increasing my human growth hormone provides more protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. I believe it enhances my immune system, which, in turn, increases my body’s defense (or response) to the virus.

I do know that aging reduces HGH levels. Intermittent fasting is relatively easy to do daily. The longer the fast, the more HGH is made. HGH is produced while we sleep. Therefore, the better quality and longer sleep we get each night increases HGH levels and improves immune efficiency.

There may be other reasons why older adults succumb to the virus, and kids under ten years of age are immune. Vaccines work, but other factors (length of efficacy, mutations, and more) can leave a person periodically vulnerable to current or future viruses. Why not protect yourself against all foreign aggressors?

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