Can future health be certain?
Unsplash / Pixabay – Can future health be certain?

What is that one piece of advice, if taken, would make your life healthier? I was asked this question recently. I could not answer it quickly. There are three or four things that I continually recommend to everyone – balanced nutrition, caloric restriction, intermittent fasting, and pH control. Those four things put you at the top of the top healthy people as you age.

There are exercise, stress management, toxin removal and a few other things that come to mind in follow-on advice. But, what would the one thing be? I thought about it for the duration of the networking luncheon I was attending. I had told this person I would have an answer before she left.

I don’t think a single thing will balance all the potential risks of age-related diseases. Eliminating sugar is a great first start. But, that doesn’t address the longevity issues. Intermittent fasting causes the body to vigorously create more human growth hormone, which is critical for aging health. Balanced nutrition ensures that vitamin and mineral deficiencies are not generating diseases that can be controlled.

Stress is the genesis of most doctors’ visits. It’s an easy control mechanism, but most people won’t make it part of their daily regimen. I went through my list and it dawned on me that there was one thing that could play a major impact on my long-term health. Something that would nearly guarantee a reduced risk of age-related diseases.

pH is a measure of the acidity in our bodies. When we eat carbohydrates, proteins and fats, our bodies generate acid. Our metabolism generates acid. The one constant pH in our bodies is our blood. It remains at a constant 7.4.

Fruits (low in sugar – berries) and vegetables are very alkaline. They provide good sources of anti-oxidants to fight low-level chronic inflammation – a major source of disease. By eating berries and a vast variety of vegetables, I could lower my daily caloric intake and keep my body in a neutral to alkaline condition. I can still eat protein, fats and carbohydrates, just not as many.

Oxygen is 20 times more absorbable in the tissues and organs when they are alkaline. Oxygen fights viruses, fungi, and bacteria, thus preventing disease. Diseases, including cancer cells, cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. It made a lot of sense to me when I started thinking about it. If I had to offer one piece of advice, it would be to keep your body more alkaline than acidic.

It is one piece of advice, but not the total answer. pH paper is available to test your saliva. It is worth doing this a couple of times daily to see how you progress. I test mine in the morning and again before bedtime daily.

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