Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils.
DEZALB / Pixabay – Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils.

Dr. Peter Attia is a physician. He lived on a ketogenic diet for ten years (using fat for fuel). He ate foods rich in fats (80 percent of his calories) and continually monitored his metabolic markers (blood sugar, body fat, lipid levels, etc.). His results were very interesting.

This is an amazing set of results from living on a ketogenic diet for ten years. He believed this ketogenic diet is additionally helpful for fighting cancer since cancer, cells require glucose for growth. It is also evidence that fats do not make you fat.

Ketogenic diets are usually 50 percent to 70 percent of your food intake from healthy, beneficial fats and reduction in carbohydrates. It includes such food sources as:

● Coconut oil
● Grass-pastured butter
● Organic pastured eggs
● Avocado
● Raw nuts (pecans and macadamia specifically)

Eating any carbohydrates or sugars will immediately shut down the fat-burning processes and convert your body back into a glucose burning machine.

Testing has shown that ketogenic diets:

● Slow down the aging process
● Reduce oxidative stress
● Increase the body’s natural antioxidants
● Increase the production of uric acid

References to increased uric acid have mixed results – a potential for gout in some people and an extended life span in others. This would be one critical area if starting a ketogenic diet. As always, discuss this in advance with your physician to see if there is a risk of gout or other related health issues. Monitoring is a must.


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