Healthcare planning is not complex.
WikiImages / Pixabay – Healthcare planning is not complex.

Healthcare is not referring to insurance in this discussion. Healthcare consists of those lifestyle choices you make daily. Good decisions usually leave you better than bad ones. However, accidents, disease, and heredity can ruin your plans.

What is the best plan you can have for better than average health? Ensure your immune system is running as well as it can. Your immune system protects you from sickness and disease. Learn how to breathe properly. The best breathers are never sick a day in their lives. It is because they have more oxygen flowing through their bloodstream than others.

Oxygen and those evil doers of bad health cannot survive well in an oxygenated environment. Increase your body’s pH and you can have more oxygen available. Acidic conditions in your body are not receptive to storing and transporting oxygen.

Immune systems work better when there are no deficiencies in nutrients. We have at least thirty nutrients our bodies need daily for great health. Miss a few consistently and you increase the risk of various diseases. Balanced nutrition tamps down inflammation by providing the antioxidants needed to crush free radicals.

We all lose the capacity to make the hormones, enzymes, amino acids and more as we age. Intermittent fasting increases human growth hormone. Human growth hormone controls the production of many hormones, enzymes, etc.

Consistent exercise reduces the loss of telomere length as a cell divides. Reducing the rate of loss of telomeres improves your lifespan and helps to ward off age-related diseases.

There are many things that can be done to improve your health today and reduce the risk of age-related diseases as you grow older. We can’t always avoid accidents. They happen. We can control heredity to a degree by the lifestyle choices we make. It’s called epigenetics. There are switches on our DNA that can be turned on or off by the lifestyle choices we make – smoking, obesity, etc.

Want to grow old and enjoy life? Manage your lifestyle. It’s not difficult but requires persistent attention.

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