What is hard to some becomes easy to those who master that task.
benscherjon / Pixabay – What is hard to some becomes easy to those who master that task.

What is the hardest thing you do daily? Some might think working and raising a family. Others might offer the daily routine to maintain excellence in a sport. Still others might state that their study to surpass others in the classroom could possibly qualify as the hardest thing they do daily.

A few will tell us that the daily fight they have avoiding those things that they been addicted to is the hardest daily challenge.  And, a few will tell us the responsibilities they have for others under their care is the hardest thing.  Moreover, the new recruit, or the person who wants to become a Navy Seal (or similar war-fighter) will tell you that surviving each day is beyond the meaning of hard.

I think the hardest thing to do daily is one thing that most of us take for granted and spend little time thinking about it – or, any time at all working on it. It is ensuring that your health will be far superior to your peers in your retirement years.

What’s required for good health and longevity? It requires many things to be done on a daily basis. One is balanced nutrition. This is difficult for many because we don’t think about the nutrition in the foods that we eat. We just eat what we want most of the time – good or bad. But, we are not looking at the nutritional content of the foods we selected.

I am not a vegetarian or vegan. I respect their decisions to choose that lifestyle. However, their diets require extra vigilance to balance all the required vitamins, mineral, amino acids, etc. The same can be said for the meat and potatoes person.

You would be greatly surprised if you were to examine the vitamin and mineral deficiencies of the American public. We have many, many people deficient in this, that and many other things. It is extremely hard to maintain good, long-term health living in a deficient world.

Eating to get all the nutrients you need isn’t always a good option. You have to be selective in the number of calories you eat daily. Too many calories and add extra health risks. Eating meals that restrict calories and have balanced nutrition day in and day out can be the hardest thing you can do daily.

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