Wishing and hoping doesn't reduce health risks.
janeb13 / Pixabay – Wishing and hoping doesn’t reduce health risks.

Heart health should be one of the most important aspects of our overall health. The important things that you can do to reduce your risk of heart-related diseases:

● Add regular blood tests that alert you to heart health
● Remove grains from your diet
● Remove high fructose corn syrup from your diet
● Maintain an effective immune system
● Check for periodontal disease regularly
● Check blood pressure often
● Maintain an ideal weight
● Eat nutritionally balanced meals
● Exercise daily
● Seek options to treat cholesterol without using statin drugs
● Add ubiquinol to the supplements you take
● Add vitamin D3 to the supplements you take
● Add vitamin K2 to the supplements you take

Medical Disclaimer: Do not incorporate any of the educational points into your lifestyle without consulting a physician.

Aging causes many diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system. Some are:

● Arteriosclerosis
● Atherosclerosis
● Fibrosis
● Calcification
● Hypertension
● Angina pectoris
● Heart attack
● Heart failure

The list above is short and not complete. It is meant to be illustrative of the types of heart disease elderly people might develop. Many heart and cardiovascular specialists will tell their patients to:

● Stop smoking
● Increase their physical activity
● Control their blood pressure
● Maintain an ideal and healthy weight
● Take certain medicines to counteract a disease they have

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