Being thin is only a dream for some of us.

There are dozens of diets to lose weight. Most of us want to lose our fat and not our muscles. Many of these diets shed pounds. Some produce yo-yo effects that are not desirable. Others use muscle mass to produce energy which is not good. Select a regimen that allows fat loss and not muscle loss.

The YouTube channel I watched today discussed the attributes of several popular diets. Diets are meant to be temporary. Lifestyle eating should be the norm. Most of us do not know how to eat for health and longevity. We were never trained.

However, those of us who are a few pounds overweight can benefit by choosing the right type of diet to temporarily adjust our body’s make-up and lose some fat without losing muscle.

Juice diets, fasting-mimicking diets (FMD), and extended fasts are prime examples of diets considered poor overall to lose weight and keep it off. They also cause muscle mass loss. Extended fasting in this category is usually in the three to five-day range.

I do a 72-hour fast monthly. It is for immune system resetting and building, not for fat loss.

Eating in an eight-hour window, keto-type diets, the Warrior Diet, and One Meal A Day (OMAD), diets control calories but do not provide the opportunity to lose the fat you want over a long time.
Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) and 48-hour fasting (every two weeks) are diets that produce longer-lasting results.

Dry fasting and Protein-Sparing Modified Fast (PSMD) diets are great at fat loss. Dry fasting (no food and no liquids) is not for everyone.

With all diet plans, do not start any diet or modified eating regimen without consulting your physician, especially if you are on any prescription medicines. I covered these diets from a view looking down from 30,000 feet. The detail is contained far better than I can write in around a thousand words.

Siim Land has a YouTube channel for healthy weight loss that I enjoy watching. Please visit for details about the following. You will find many of the answers to questions regarding why one of these diets is better or not better than another.

Siim Land is an expert in autophagy, and I pay attention to his advice on body thermodynamics regarding fat burning.

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