Be as careful with the health decisions you make as you are with where you walk.
CataleyaLifedesign / Pixabay – Be as careful with the health decisions you make as you are with where you walk.

Movies portray quicksand as a monster that sucks people into the mire and muck. Sand (also silt or clay) can become liquefied under certain conditions. There comes the point where friction between sand molecules cannot support any weight.

Very few people ever die while trapped in quicksand. One might ask, why is it called quicksand when it takes a long time for someone to sink. In the old days, quick was another word for alive. It’s as if the earth was alive and pulling you down as you struggle.

Quicksand can be viewed as an analogy to our health as we age. The elderly are at a certain level of wellness. A cold or other sickness strikes them, and it takes a long time for them to recover. But, they recover at a lower level than when they caught the health problem.

Several more health issues creep into the lives over time, and they gradually go downhill – health wise. They never recover to where they were initially before another setback begins. I’ve seen it with my parents and my wife’s parents. I’m sure many have similar experiences.

How do we get to that place in our lives that one more step forces us into that quicksand pit? Aging is the predominant cause. As we age, our body’s systems begin to degrade. We can’t fight disease. It doesn’t have to be that way, but we allow it.

We don’t know how to improve and maintain our immune systems. We become deficient in critical nutrients and remain that way for way too long. We eat and exercise ourselves into wheelchairs, beds and assisted living. We are not educated to counter the conditions that develop as we age.

I am often asked what the one thing that he or she could do that would help them more than anything else is. A while back I told my audiences to eat nutritionally balanced meals. This ensures that we are not deficient in critical nutrients that our bodies need daily.

When instructed to eat nutritionally balanced meals, it doesn’t account for the caloric value of those meals. The fewer the calories to attain nutritional balance the better. As such, there is a fault with just balancing our nutrients.

Nowadays, I tell them to keep their pH in the alkaline range. It’s easy to measure using pH strips. Touch the piece to your tongue and read the pH value.

pH is a good indicator of future health. An alkaline body has natural protection against a myriad of disease. The other end of the spectrum, an acidic body provides an internal environment for diseases to grow.

Diet is the primary cause of acid buildup in our bodies. Chronic stress, toxins, and exercise also contribute. Acidic foods are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Long-term acidic conditions can create weight gain, ulcers, headaches, fatigue and more.

Acidosis is a condition when you have been living with high internal acidic levels for a long time. It is not unusual to experience arthritis, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and strokes.

I was in severe acidosis for six years by not making smart dietary choices at a point in my life. I survived with only osteopenia. My body was extracting calcium from my bones to balance the pH of my blood (7.35 – 7.45).

Fruits and vegetables leave the body in an alkaline state. A lifestyle that yields an alkaline pH means that you are eating more fruits and vegetables than carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

I like to drink a glass of water with a lime or lemon squeezed into it. Leave the peal out of the glass. You don’t know how many people have handled it, especially in restaurants. I don’t have an educated opinion on bottled alkaline water. I avoid them because it is so easy to use citrus and water.

Test your saliva with pH strips daily. They are inexpensive. Maintain a pH range above 7.0.

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