Grill marks look good and taste good, but may not be a healthy option.

AGE stands for Advanced Glycation End products. These end products affect every area of your body and do severe damage to your health. AGEs are formed inside our bodies and in some cooking processes.

Advanced Glycation End products Glycation is the result of a sugar molecule bonding with a protein. Diets high in carbohydrates create a higher risk of AGE formation. Most people are unaware of AGEs and how they can affect your health and your appearance.

As AGEs accumulate in the body, aging increases. Cells age faster in the presence of AGEs because of the rate of loss of telomere length increases. The bad news is that once glycation happens, it is not reversible.

Cooking foods that are high in fats and protein at high temperatures accelerate AGE formation. The higher the cooking temperature, the higher the likelihood of creating AGE products. The char found on BBQ, grilled and broiled meats, and roasted foods are high in AGE products.

The part that tastes so good is not that good for you. Additionally, highly processed prepackaged foods contain high levels of AGEs.

Intervention? Our bodies eliminate some AGE products but not effectively. Part of the problem is that we continue to eat foods containing AGEs faster than our bodies can remove them.

Grilled or charred meats and fats (Maillard reaction) create AGEs. Cooking at lower temperatures reduces AGE levels. Pan sauteing at lower temperatures minimizes AGE creation.

Removing sugars from our diet also minimizes the risk of AGE formation in our bodies. Low levels of AGEs reduce the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes. Foods high in AGEs include dairy, oils solid at room temperature, nuts, seeds, beef, turkey, pork, chicken, lamb, and some fish (meats contain AGEs when cooked at high temperatures). Foods with higher fat content produce more AGEs.

AGEs and Health AGEs cause many chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and more. Studies have shown that people with higher AGEs have twice the risk of death from a heart attack than those with low AGE levels.

Obesity studies show more AGEs in those overweight compared to people of average weight.
Hormone disruption is a factor, especially in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. The insidious aspect of AGEs in our bodies is the increase in inflammation. Low-level chronic inflammation is the cause of nearly every disease when left untreated.

Many people adopted a gluten-free lifestyle to improve their health or avoid side effects of gluten-intolerance or gluten-sensitivity. Gluten-free products such as rice flour, cornflour, tapioca, and potato flour raise AGE levels to nearly the same level as wheat.


I suggest reading this link for those who want to know a lot more about this topic and synthetic and natural inhibitors of AGEs It is one of the better overall articles on the subject that I have read lately.

Awareness is the first step to good health. Education is the second step to create a healthy body. However, the right choices and actions result in excellent health.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


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