Disease prevention is paramount.
StockSnap / Pixabay – Disease prevention is paramount.

Benjamin Franklin made this heading statement referencing fire safety. However, it is applicable to most anything. If you can prevent a bad thing from happening, it is worth it.

But, what about our health. Our health and wellness economy lives on the premise of correction. Our medical and pharmaceutical industries literally ignore prevention and concentrate on correcting a problem that, in many cases, could be prevented.

Can you prevent the common cold or even cancer? I don’t really know, but I believe we can reduce the frequency and severity in many cases. I believe our first line of defense is our immune system. Concentrate on building it and we can survive many potential health battles. Yet, some doctors will admit that our immune system is what keeps us healthy, yet they rarely offer advice in that area.

My wife’s radiologist was the last doctor to bring up the subject when we were discussing her radiation program (following chemotherapy for breast cancer). He offered no advice for improving the immune system, just recognized it for what it is.

Would my wife had come down with cancer if her immune system was exemplary? Maybe, maybe not. There are too many variables involved in the causes of cancer – stress, toxins, radiation, infection, inflammation, diet, etc. In the case of cancer, I expect that there are multiple causes that gang up on you and over time. Over time, you succumb to that disease, especially when your immune system is compromised.

Our lifestyle choices are the first place to begin. Smoking, diet, exercise, healthy weight, blood pressure control, stress management, alcohol in moderation, adequate sleep, regular medical/dental/vision screenings, etc. We have all heard these things before, yet we choose daily to ignore many of them.

My advice when I am speaking to groups about health, in general, is to ensure that you eat nutritionally balanced meals. Pick any vitamin or mineral and do a Google search for deficiencies and you will find that most Americans are deficient in nearly every vitamin and mineral. We need at least thirty nutrients daily to ensure good, long-term health.

Many health problems can be tackled effectively with diet. We are what we eat. A disease, illness or incapacity might not show up for a few years, but it appears, usually when you don’t want it. An ounce of prevention is worth far, far more than a pound of cure in terms of quality of life, cost and time.

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  1. Very good article. I agreed wholeheartedly that keeping one’s immune system operating at maximum efficiency is the key to avoiding most common sicknesses and diseases. It also is the key to a less severe bout with disease and a quicker recovery when one does get sick.

    I hope you wife is doing well now.

    1. Yes, my wife is doing exceptionally well. Thanks for asking. The only side effect that I could address adequately during her chemo was fatigue. She was taking one or two two-hour naps daily. We changed her diet on Day-1 of radiation and 48 hours later she has never had another nap. She finished radiation therapy on the day before Thanksgiving and we left Houston at noon and drove to Jacksonville, Fl to pick up my mother’s estate stuff we left in storage. I drove a U-Haul and she followed me (alone) 500 miles each day on our return. Again, no symptoms of fatigue. Diet is critical to so many things in our lives.

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