Acupressure points are used in Emotional Freedom Techniques
KaiMiano / Pixabay – Acupressure points are used in Emotional Freedom Techniques

Most of us know that motivation is internally generated. Yes, there are some external factors that can enhance or improve your motivation, but mostly, motivation is internally driven. Motivation activates our behavior and guides us to a destination. It keeps us committed to the achievement of a goal. It intensifies our desire for success. But, motivation is short-lived. We need a steady diet of some resource that keeps us motivated.

Inspiration is motivation on steroids. Inspiration keeps us going when the fuel for motivation runs out. Inspiration is very similar to motivation in that it drives us to our target, but it’s rooted more deeply in us. It takes over an inner part of our brain that refuses to let go.
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has been around a couple decades or longer. It is basically a meridian tapping technique – I equate it to acupuncture using your fingertips. There are meridians in your body that can help you in many ways if you know how to use them. EFT has been shown to be 80% effective in the treatment of addiction, pain relief, motivation and many other life-improving approaches to life.

EFT is an active procedure used to align your inner forces. It is very powerful and effective. There is a mantra that you say as you begin tapping various pressure points on your body. Start by saying something along the line of, “Even though I cannot stay focused on what I need to do, I totally and completely accept myself. Say this several times before beginning. As you are saying this, you hit the Karate chop point in the center edge of each palm.

Begin tapping various pressure points with your finger tips in the following order – on edge of eyebrows just above your nose; on the bones of the side of your eyes; on the bone centered below your eyes; on the bone just centered under your nose, just below your lip centered about a quarter of the way to the bottom of your chin; on your collarbones where they join your rib cage, under each arm pit about even with your nipples; and then lastly on the top middle of your head midway between your ears.

As you tap each of these pressure points remind yourself of the problem you want to overcome – lack of motivation, procrastination, fear, whatever it is – say it as you tap each pressure point at least three times. Begin the process over again. As you begin tapping the various pressure points, this time say something that will focus the energy you wish to increase – motivation is easy and fun, I’m ready to focus my energy now, I’m energized to begin working on …

The final round is the same tapping routine as the first two. This time your say positive things as if the tapping succeeded and you were accomplishing those things you wanted to do – make your brain accept the fact that this process worked for you. Say things such as – I really was able to concentrate better on my project, I feel energized and satisfied with my efforts, I can now experience more joy in my life, etc.

EFT is a fantastic equalizer when it comes to attacking your subconscious mind. It acts to cut off your subconscious memory of all those times you failed at doing what you want to do. Many people routinely give up before they start, or repeatedly fail as they progress on a project – over budget, didn’t make the deadline, wasn’t complete, etc. EFT can be used to bolster your psyche to counter criticism from family, friends, and co-workers. It can be used to overcome fear, uncertainty, inadequacy, and loss of control.

EFT is a major tool in your arsenal to do those things that previously seemed impossible. Use it to stimulate your inner motivation. Use it to maintain your focus as you progress towards your desires. I find that I need a minimum of eight minutes for it to be effective for me. YouTube has some great videos on EFT. I highly recommend Brad Yates as an instructor for EFT on YouTube.


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