How to master the art of aging.
oneunitymedia / Pixabay – Stay slim and trim as your teenage daughter during 40s and 50s.

What good does it do us if we live past our peers and suffer the illnesses and frailties of old age? We want to be fully functional and able to enjoy life to the fullest. I’ve studied longevity and noticed that there appears to be a natural decline in athletic performance after passing the age of 50. Is this decline a function of natural aging? I’m not sure.

However, as we Monday-morning quarterback our lives, we can see a time when we became less active physically and mentally. Maybe it is the stress of a pending retirement or a decline in health. Things change in our lives after five decades. What if we could hold on that last good time in our lives? I realize that there are some super-healthy people living well past 50, but they are the exception.

Middle age can mean many things.
EME / Pixabay – Middle Age can mean many things.

If we want to achieve and maintain the body of a healthy 50-year old, we should seriously consider:

● Eating balanced nutrition from quality foods on a daily basis
● Maintaining a highly charged immune system
● Obtaining quality sleep nightly
● Eliminating toxins from our foods, drinks, and personal care products
● Exercising daily
● Managing stress daily
● Being aware of allergies, sensitivities, and/or intolerances to foods
● Remaining hydrated
● Remaining positive – removing all negativity from our lives
● Maintaining a healthy weight
● Adopting a calorie restricted lifestyle
● Fasting intermittently
● Reducing/avoiding gluten and dairy
● Breathing better
● Cleansing/detoxifying our organs periodically

Scientists generally agree that the 15 items listed above will keep our bodies in a very healthy state. There are more actions to take to be younger – mentally and physically.  I will be writing about how to maintain the body of a healthy fifty-year-old in future blogs.

Healthy fifty-year-old body
janeb13 / Pixabay – Maintaining the body of a healthy fifty-year-old is not as difficult as you may think.

Do not change your current lifestyle without first consulting with your physician, especially if you are on any medical protocols. Some of these things sound easy to do, but they might conflict with prescription drugs, or have another effect of an existing disease, malady or ailment. If you are healthy and not taking any prescription drugs, or over the counter medicines, consult your physician and tell him/her your plans. Ask your physician to monitor your progress and results.

I am convinced the minimum that must be done to maintain a healthy life is to eat nutritionally balanced meals daily, exercise often (and hard), eliminate/remove toxins from our bodies, and relieve stress several times a day.

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