Healthcare can be cheap, fast and good if you do it yourself.
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Fast, cheap and good is the designer’s triangle. Those three goals cannot be accomplished together. At best, you can have two out of any three.

Healthcare can be good and fast and it will be expensive. Healthcare can be good and cheap and it will not happen in a timely manner. Healthcare can be fast and cheap and it will be very inferior.

What exactly is healthcare? Some people confuse it with insurance. Healthcare is not insurance. Some people confuse it with access to your doctor/hospital. And, to a degree, there is some truth in that. To me, healthcare is what you do every day to achieve and maintain your health.

Healthcare is your lifestyle. Do you exercise? Do you eat properly? Do you smoke? Do you drink excessively? Do you relieve stress daily? Do you prevent toxins from entering your body? There are many things you can do to affect your health.

Healthcare can be fast – as fast as you want to change your lifestyle to accept one that will yield superior health. Eating balanced nutrition, keeping your body in an alkaline condition, exercising daily, removing stress daily, etc. Decide and make it happen in your life.

Healthcare can be good – as good as the program you employ to make it so. The more you consistently do to improve and maintain your health, the better your health will be.

Healthcare can be cheap. Eating organic is not that expensive if you change your eating habits. Caloric restriction with balanced nutrition allows you to have every nutrient you need daily without excessive eating. Vegetables, fruits, proteins and fats should become the mainstay of your daily eating.

Notice that carbohydrates are missing? They should not be part of a healthy lifestyle. Carbohydrates commonly found in our processed foods add calories and don’t add any significant benefit to your health. You can live in great health without carbs.

Combine caloric restriction with intermittent fasting and your long-term health will be fantastic. The lower quantity of food you eat daily yields lower cost in your food bill. I switched to organic buying a few years ago, and my food bill is less than what it used to be.

Yes, healthcare can be cheap, fast and good if you do it yourself. Your government cannot mandate a healthcare program that is cheap, fast and good. Choices have consequences. Make the right choices.

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  1. Great! This article is very helpful. Eating processed food can give us an unwell feeling, and in having a bad eating habit, it may cause diseases. So, when I read this article, I gain knowledge on how to have a good eating habit.

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