Balanced nutrition - try it, you'll like it.
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Dr. Terry Wahls in a doctor. She came down with a very progressive case of multiple sclerosis late in life. No matter what regimens the doctors prescribed, her symptoms continued to get worse. She eventually ended up in a wheelchair – for four years.

She researched and wrote a book called, The Wahls Protocol. She treated herself to her protocol. Within a couple of months, she was out of the wheelchair and walking using a walker. A month later she was walking with a cane. Within a year she bicycled 18 miles. And, she was off all her meds.

What caused the change? Simple – balanced nutrition. She found the right combination of foods that balances nutrition across 30+ nutrients the body needs on a daily basis.

My wife had breast cancer a couple plus years ago. She had surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The only side effect that we could not address adequately was fatigue. We talked to her radiologist and was told that her fatigue would probably get worse during the actual radiation sessions. At that time she was taking one to two two-hour naps a day.

On Day 1 of radiation, her diet was changed to that described in The Wahls Protocol. 48 hours later her fatigue was gone. She has not had another nap since then. Her radiation treatment ended on the day before Thanksgiving. We drove a thousand miles to rent a U-Haul truck and bring the last items from my mother’s estate back to our home. She followed me, by herself, in our car while I drove the U-Haul truck- a thousand miles in two days.

There are four parts to The Wahls Protocol. Diet is only one of them. Diet alone allowed my wife to kick fatigue out of her life within two days after months of chemotherapy – and, during weeks of radiation therapy. I believe that balanced nutrition is the absolute basis of great health.

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