Clove extract is beneficial in controlling blood glucose levels
Zichrini / Pixabay – Clove extract is beneficial in controlling blood glucose levels

As we begin to eat food our pancreas produces insulin. Insulin is used to drive glucose into the cells in our bodies. There is a natural balance between the food we eat, the blood glucose that is produced, the insulin created and the energy we expend in our daily lives.

Overtime, we experience an imbalance in this process. More insulin is produced than needed. We compound this imbalance by our food choices and minimizing our daily exercise. This leads to many health problems, weight being the most visible. As we gain weight, fat cells produce cytokines that produce inflammation in our bodies.

The continual presence of insulin flowing through our bodies causes serious long-term problems. One is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Another is kidney disease. Type II diabetes is always on the cusp of being a problem also.

But, many of us don’t know the other health issues surrounding high insulin levels, especially with cancer. There is a 17-42% increased risk of colorectal cancer, a 200-300% increase in the risk of breast cancer, a 69-101% increase in the risk of stomach cancer, a 4500 greater risk of type I endometrial cancer, a 255% increase in prostate cancer, a 240% increase in liver cancer and similar increases in ovarian cancer.

There are two plant extract that can reduce the residual insulin floating around in our bloodstream after a meal. One is the maqui berry and the other is clove.

Maqui berries have delphinidins that stimulates the glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) to counter the excess insulin. GLP-1 delays the emptying of the stomach, thereby creating less glucose. This action allows the glucose to get into the small intestine in smaller quantities than without the action of GLP-1. In human studies, insulin levels were reduced 56% and glucose levels were reduced 15%.

Clove extract regulates the insulin/glucose response differently. Glucose is stored in our muscle and liver cells as glycogen. It is the energy supply we rely on to do physical activity. Glycogen phosphorylase is an enzyme that regulates the release of glucose back into the bloodstream. Clove extract inhibits the glycogen phosphorylase enzyme causing less glucose back into the bloodstream.

Human studies proved that clove extract was effective in reducing the after-dinner glucose spikes common in people with normal and high glucose levels. Clove extract worked better than hypoglycemic drugs.

The two plant compounds work together well to control the imbalance many of us see as we age. Most of us don’t eat or exercise properly daily. This impacts our overall health. Taking prescription drugs can lead to other health problems.

Consult your physician before making any changes to the current drug therapy you are on. Talk to him or her about trying a maqui berry and/or clove extract supplement.

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