The Wahls Protocol can almost work miracles.
Regenwolke0 / Pixabay – The Wahls Protocol can almost work miracles.

Dr. Terry Wahls developed Multiple Sclerosis late in life. She followed all her doctors’ directions and eventually ended up in a wheelchair – for four years. Terry Wahls is a physician. She published a book recently called, The Wahls Protocol. She studied autoimmune disease in animals and, over time, came to the conclusion that a balanced diet, plus a few other things, might really be what she needed to have a normal life again. She adopted her protocol and within three months was walking using a walker.  A month later she was walking with a cane.  Within the year, she was bicycling 18 miles.

She developed a diet plan in which 31 key nutrients were supplied at levels two to ten times the recommended dietary allowance. Dr. Wahls has four pillars of her protocol. They are diet, exercise, stress relief, and toxin reduction. Let me address only the dietary portion at this time. Her protocol calls for three meals each day – all the same. Each meal will have one cup of leafy green vegetables, one cup of colored fruits and vegetables, one cup of sulfur-laden vegetables and 3-4 ounces of high-quality protein (beef, pork, chicken, and/or fish). These three meals provide balanced nutrition for 31 key nutrients in our bodies.

Western philosophy says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eastern philosophy says that breakfast is not important at all – eat it if you desire. I do intermittent fasts daily (fasting eighteen hours on the average between meals). I usually never have breakfast. I do follow the Wahls Protocol for my eating regimen.

klbz / Pixabay – A major side effect of chemotherapy is fatigue, and that is not the worst one.

My wife went through six months of chemotherapy recently, and the only side effect that we were not able to control was fatigue. During our first meeting with her radiologist, she was told that her fatigue would probably get worse. She had been taking one or two two-hour naps daily. She (actually, both of us) started the dietary portion of the Wahls Protocol on her first day of radiation therapy.

By her third treatment (Day 3), she was no longer taking any naps. After seven days, she rejoined her church’s volunteer organization and has worked there ever since. She has maintained the dietary program and has shown no further signs of fatigue. My wife and I found that we could not eat three meals a day and settled for one-and-half to two meals daily.  Balanced nutrition can improve your health, especially if you are deficient in any key nutrient(s).

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