You can win the lottery of life.
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What if you could win every lottery? What if you developed a system that could predict the future? What if this system also allowed you to determine the winner of the World Series, Super Bowl, etc.? Very few of us are lucky to win anything. However, there is a system that can allow nearly every one of us to win something – our retirement health.

We don’t know the formulations to determine a winner of the World Cup, The Stanley Cup or the Davis Cup. We do know what it takes to fight disease (a healthy immune system). We do know what it takes to fight the major causes of aging (declining levels of human growth hormone and reduction in the rate of loss of telomeres). Yet, we tend not to take any action to improve our longevity.

We think we know what it takes to become an Olympic contender, to drive in the Indianapolis 500 or to ride a winner at the Kentucky Derby. But, do we follow a regimen that guarantees success longer than an Olympic athlete, professional driver or jockey?

Amateurs practice till they get it right. Professionals practice till they can’t get it wrong. We are rank amateurs when it comes to our health. Some of us prefer not to eat certain foods – vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, etc. But, is eating only certain types of food the best for you?

I advocate a lifestyle for increasing longevity and reducing the risk of age-related diseases. Eat meals that include balanced nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies lead to disease. If you are a vegan, you must ensure that you are getting all the required amino acids needed for a healthy life. They aren’t found in a single plant.

A calorie-restricted diet has been shown to increase the longevity (and health) of most animals. For us humans, the analysis is still out because we don’t have a large enough sample size to determine its effects on humans. But, there are a lot of caloric-restricted examples in humans where it does work (scientists consider this to be testimonial rather than scientific fact).

Intermittent fasting has been proven by scientists to extend life and improve health. There are many options to choose from when considering an intermittent fast. I prefer to eat in a six-hour window each day. Google ‘intermittent diets’ and see what options you might like.

Eating foods (vegetables and fruits) that increase your pH improve your risk of avoiding disease. Disease needs low oxygen conditions and an acidic environment to grow well. Higher pH conditions (over 7.35) extinguish the flame of disease growth. Dr. Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize for his discovery in this area.

You have the ability to educate yourself and take effective actions to win your race to retirement with outstanding health. Why not take advantage of it sooner than later?

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