How long will it be that face masks are no longer required to enter a hospital?

I constantly look for positive, uplifting news about the pandemic. It might be the results latest coronavirus drug, the massive trend downward in deaths or new cases of COVID-19, the nearness of herd immunity, or anything that gives a positive vibe about the end approaching.

I am not naïve enough to believe the end will be the end. I do believe that the SARS-CoV-2 virus will linger and lurk around for years to come. However, the effectiveness will be significantly reduced when the virus has a limited ability to spread.

Quick Status Worldwide The worldwide number of new cases of COVID-19 is rapidly trending downward. The seven-day-rolling average shows under 500,000 new cases per day for the past few days. Six weeks ago, the daily new coronavirus cases topped 825,000.

Similarly, daily deaths from coronavirus are falling, though not as steeply as new cases. The latest seven-day-rolling average shows under 10,000 daily deaths from COVID-19 compared to highs around 14,000 at the end of January and again at the end of April.

Quick Status United States  The number of daily new cases of COVID-19 has dropped below 14,000. The last time the seven-day-rolling average was under 14,000 was March of 2020.

The number of daily deaths attributed to coronavirus is under 400 nationwide. Again, it was March of 2020 when daily deaths were averaging below 400. Half the states have reported zero deaths from COVID-19 during the past couple of days.

Quick Status for Texas Texas has been one of those states with record highs that caught media attention in the past year. Several weeks ago, Texas transferred the authority for mask mandates from the state to local businesses. Many predictions were for a massive surge in new cases and deaths. It did not happen.

Daily new cases of COVID-19 are touching the 1,000 level and still dropping. April 2020 was the last time Texas saw daily new cases below 1,000. Daily deaths from COVID-19 have been hovering in the low 30s for the past few days. It was early April 2020 when daily deaths were that low.

Hospital News San Francisco General Hospital reported no COVID-19 patients recently. Other hospitals are reporting similarly. The beginning of 2021 saw over 135,000 patients hospitalized for coronavirus. Since then, the daily average has dropped over 80%. Just over 22,000 patients are being treated for coronavirus in hospitals today.

The demographic for hospitalized COVID-19 patients has shifted from the 70-80-year-olds to the 50-60-year-olds. Pediatric patients with coronavirus are on the rise. Many medical authorities speculate that is due to vaccines not available for younger children. That soon will be a thing of the past.

Herd Immunity Approaching? Over 170 million Americans have had one vaccine dose (52%). Forty-two percent have had both vaccine doses and are considered fully protected. Add ten percent to the fully protected group from those who have survived the virus, and the herd level is at 52% – over half of all Americans.

For a while, over a million people were getting vaccinated daily. The average today is around 500,000. Most medical authorities claim that we need 65-80% of our population vaccinated to declare herd immunity. At the current rate of vaccinations, the threshold could be crossed in six weeks – early August. My prediction months ago was September. I would love to see 70% or above reached in August.

Houston Medical Center Quick Status The Effective Reproduction Rate (Rt) has been less than 1.0 for over two weeks – meaning that the average number of people infected by one person is less than one.

The weekly average percent of people testing positive for coronavirus is less than 3% – the first time since record-keeping started for this metric. The weekly average of new COVID-19 patients admitted to the Houston Medical Center Hospital System is below 70. The only other time this metric was below 70 was the first time it was measured in May 2020.

Ninety-four percent of ICU beds are filled, with only 10% of those beds dedicated to coronavirus patients. The metropolitan area of Houston encompasses over seven million people. One hundred and thirty-one of them are in intensive care because of COVID-19.


I am extremely happy to hear hospitals around the country are seeing fewer coronavirus patients and that a few are COVID-free. I see fewer companies conducting business through drive-throughs. Most restaurants that I have frequented in the past month are at 100%.

I have not gotten my coronavirus vaccine and intend to do so later this summer. It will not be the mRNA option but a viral vector vaccine. With a virus that has a survivability rate of over 99%, I find it less compelling to run out and get a vaccine.

I keep my immune system in overdrive with monthly extended fasts. I am giving serious thought to doing two 72-hour or longer fasts monthly. I find I feel better, sleep better, and am more productive when I fast for days at a time.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


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