The Wahls Protocol
The Wahls Protocol – A perfect way to start.

There are many things you can do to improve your health and wellness. The starting point varies from person to person. Each of our starting points different because of our age, gender, fitness, and other factors. Even people within the same categories – women over 55 exercising three times a week, for example, can produce a variety of options to start improving their health in 2017.

What are the options? That should be a simple thing to define. Let’s stick with the basics – diet, exercise, stress reduction and toxin elimination. I don’t think many health professionals would question these four building blocks of good health. They also mirror the four fundamental phases within the Wahls Protocol.

Dr. Terry Wahl is a physician. She came down with a progressive case of multiple sclerosis late in life. No matter what the medical community recommended, her condition got worse. She eventually lived in a wheel chair for four years. She researched autoimmune diseases of which MS is one of them. She wrote the Wahls Protocol.

It identifies the four categories mentioned above – diet, exercise, stress reduction and toxin elimination. Within three months of starting her own regimen she was out of a wheel chair and walking with a walker. A month later she was walking with a cane. By the end of the year she was able to bicycle eighteen miles.

I chose to change my wife’s daily regimen on the day she started radiation therapy – a couple of weeks after finishing chemotherapy. She was severely fatigued, sleeping late and going to bed early and taking one or two two-hour naps a day. There were days she didn’t feel like eating.

She started the diet only portion of the Wahls Protocol on the first day of radiation. By the morning of the third day she was no longer taking naps and was eating well. We drove from Houston, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida right after her last radiation treatment. We loaded up a U-Haul truck with items left over from my mother’s estate and drove back to Houston. She followed me for two days (both averaging 500 miles) by herself without any problems. She lost 30 pounds and was active again. All of this happened with just the diet only phase of the Wahls Protocol.

Why would this not be a good place to start – diet, exercise, stress reduction and toxin elimination. It certainly worked for Dr. Terry Wahls and my wife.

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