We can visualize anything; and, we can add emotion to those visions.
cowins / Pixabay – We can visualize anything; and, we can add emotion to those visions.

We all have our comfort zones. We live our lives in that comfort zone. It is mentally uncomfortable to move outside the perimeter of that zone. As a result, our subconscious mind loves to stay safe and secure inside our comfort zone. It doesn’t know how to respond to the unknown –– outside our comfort zone. It will keep us trapped doing what we have always done. Our subconscious mind knows its limits, and it is safe remaining inside those limits.

So, what can you do? Many things, actually! You have to know how your subconscious mind works, and what you can do to change it. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between real or imagined. I’m sure you have watched a movie and became emotional (or nearly so) at some event. It was a movie. It didn’t happen live, in front of you. It may have been based on a real event, but it is a representation of an event. Your subconscious mind thought it was real and acted accordingly.

You can plant imagined events in your mind. You can imagine that you succeeded at dieting, for example, many, many times. You can visualize the success you had with previous diets. You can plant those images on top of the other images that your brain has stored in its archives. Over time, you will store enough new visualized images that your brain cannot make a good decision as to what to do –– support you or sabotage you.

As you plant more and more images of success, your subconscious mind will begin to help you achieve the success you imagined, even though you might not ever had been successful in that venture.

How does this help you achieve and maintain a more youthful brain? Visualize your health and wellness success. I wake up every morning thinking I have another 35 good, healthy, prosperous years ahead of me. I see myself easily living into my 100s without any health issues. I see (and feel) success.

When you can intertwine an emotion with a vision, you add more credibility to that vision. When you see yourself successful, you should add some emotion to it. Tie emotion to your successes. Visions without emotions slowly accumulate over time. Visions with emotions spring immediately to the center of your brain’s filing cabinet. The stronger the emotion, the more impact it will have on your subconscious mind. They are pulled out quickly for comparison to assist it in making that ‘right’ decision.

There are many books on how the subconscious mind works. My favorite is Psychocybernetics, by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Your subconscious mind is the key to your success in everything you do. It is also the key to your failure.

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