Change can happen easier than you think.
TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay – Change can happen easier than you think.

As most of you already know, your subconscious mind contains every memory you have ever had, plus every imagination you ever dreamed. Our past is typically filled with a lot of garbage and negativity – unintentionally filled by people trying to help us – our parents, friends, family, school, co-workers, business associates, etc. Additionally, there are those intentional thoughts you file in your brain based on what you read, hear and see – television, magazines, books, Internet, YouTube, movies, radio, newspapers, etc.

The vast majority of information contained in our subconscious mind is negative. We have been programmed to act in a certain manner and do certain things and expect certain results. We also know that we can change this process. The easiest is to shut down the majority of negativity coming into our view – news, friends, Internet, etc.

You don’t need the negativity and it doesn’t help you to change. What happens when you watch the late-night news and go to bed right after it is over? Everything you saw and heard is processed into your subconscious mind. If it is negative and emotional, then you get it stamped with a ‘high priority’ symbol – keep this data filed for easy retrieval. Your subconscious mind grabs a hold of this data and replays it in your mind while you sleep. You are reinforced with negativity during your sleep and don’t realize it.

Motivation professionals tell us to say affirmations and visualizations begin the re-programming our subconscious minds. Visualize the person you want to become, the object you want to obtain, the end result of your dreams and goals. Visualization involves using your imagination to see you completing your goals and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Visualization involves seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, enjoying those results. Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between real and imagined. Start filling up your subconscious mind with positive thoughts of your successes – imagined successes.

So, how do I add ‘steroids’ to my subconscious re-programming process? There are several ways. Select an object to fixate on when you visualize your goal or dream. It might be a photo of what you desire. It might be a yellow dot that you place on your bathroom mirror so that it can remind you of your dream – an instant recall to plug into your subconscious experiences. Put these yellow dots in the areas your frequent daily. Add music to enhance the visualization. If there is a particular tune or song that brings you joy and inner well-being, use it when you visualize. The extra emotion brought out with the music jump-starts your subconscious to believe it is true. You are incorporating more than just your memory.

The same can be true when you add an aroma to your visualization process. Maybe a hint of lemons or wild sage – or some other fragrance can make your mind see things it wouldn’t normally see. It adds extra texture to your visualization. Throughout the day take a whiff of that bouquet to remind you and your subconscious mind that not only is it desired, but you can smell and taste it now.

Another steroial shot can be administered when you add the words – NO MATTER WHAT – to your visualization or affirmations. No Matter What tells your subconscious mind that it must do what you want it to do. No Matter What is like a drill instructor in boot camp shouting at your subconscious mind – turn to and begin doing what I tell you to do – or you’ll be sorry.

Some people prefer to say their affirmations looking in a mirror. They can see their image and hear their affirmations. It gives more credence to your affirmation in your subconscious mind’s eye. Go to YouTube and type in ‘affirmations’ for examples.

I would strongly suggest that you take one step further for extra-steroidal effect – type EFT affirmations into YouTube and watch a few Emotional Freedom Techniques employing affirmations, visualizations and imagination. There are many videos describing the EFT techniques and processes. I like Brad Yates and follow a lot of his EFT videos. These expedite thoughts into your subconscious at the speed of light. Additionally, some people accelerate the process more when they add a hint of fragrance and/or watch themselves in a mirror while doing the EFT process.

Master the basics and begin using the right steroids to expedite your progress. Re-programming your subconscious mind is not difficult and can be fun. It might actually help you achieve those resolutions you are setting for 2018.

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