Gaining wisdom requires kissing a lot of frogs.
klimkin / Pixabay  Gaining wisdom requires kissing a lot of frogs.

We tend to think that you need to kiss a lot of frogs to find that right thing (person, job, etc.) in life. We think you need the experience of making mistakes and learning from them. Yet, do we ever truly learn from them?

Do you know someone who has been married more than three times? Do you know someone who has been fired several times from their job? I didn’t say, ‘laid off’. We experience many things on a regular basis, yet many of us don’t really gain knowledge, or wisdom.

Think about your health? What does wisdom say about living to a ripe old age in great health and doing what you want to do every day? It says that we need to make good choices in the things we do daily – our lifestyle.

Do you exercise daily? Experts tell us that it is necessary for good health. Do you eat right? By this, I mean, do you eat nutritionally balanced meals daily? Nutritional deficiencies lead to disease overtime. Do you relieve stress daily (or more often)? Stress is the genesis of 80+% of all doctors’ visits. Do you smoke or drink to excess? We all know the dangers associated with that behavior.

We are kissing the same frog every day and not realizing it. That frog might be smoking, or worry, or dietary choices, etc. We developed habits that don’t change. As a result, there are no new options (new frogs) to compare things to. We live in our comfort zones. When asked, we tell others that we should be doing something (exercise, eating right, etc.), but we don’t for whatever excuse(s) we think are right.

Living a healthy life requires kissing a lot of healthy frogs daily. Look for the nutritionally healthy frogs at your next opportunity.

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