Brain health is critical for aging.
maura24 / Pixabay

We all want strong, healthy brains. What price do we have to pay to obtain a healthy brain, especially as we age? A simple amino acid, taurine, that happens to be the most abundant in our bodies actually protects your brain in many ways.

Our foods and personal care products are inundated with toxins. Many of these toxins are regulated out of the food and personal care industries in Europe; yet, American manufacturers keep them in American products. Taurine protects brain cells against those toxins that pass through the blood-brain-barrier. Our blood-brain-barrier is a protective layer that allows very few molecules into the brain itself.

The mitochondrial cells of our brain cells are under constant attack. Taurine prevents dysfunction of mitochondria. Brain cells are subject to excitotoxicity caused by stress and other factors. Taurine is again at the rescue. It protects our brain cells against excitotoxicity. Taurine causes the release of another amino acid, GABA, to combat the excitotoxic effects.

Memories are formed through a process called long-term potentiation. Taurine acts as a promoter to help the overall coordination of our learning processes.

Taurine is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases result when inflammation and other factors are allowed to grow out of control. Taurine has been shown to attenuate the damage caused by beta amyloid plaques, another factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Taurine is a key amino acid to protect the brain after a stroke.

We want healthy brains as we age. Taurine, again, is there to help. It is considered a major component of healthy brain aging. Taurine is found naturally in our protein and dairy sources. And, the best thing about taurine, it is a super-cheap and very effective supplement.

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