Want to burn fat - try reducing/eliminating carbohydrates from your diet.
Hans / Pixabay – Want to burn fat – try reducing/eliminating carbohydrates from your diet.

I read an article recently (and posted it on Facebook) about pressure cooking potatoes. The starch in the potato is converted into a resistant starch by the pressure – something not achieved by baking alone. The resistant starch is treated more like a fiber than a carbohydrate by your body.

The pressure-cooking potato article also discussed cooking pasta, cooling it overnight and then reheating it the next day. You gain similar resistant starch by re-cooking it the following day. Nice to know information if you want to have an occasional pasta or potato dish.

I like potatoes and once or twice a year enjoy a baked potato. I usually avoid carbohydrates. When forced to order from a fast food restaurant (usually out of town), I’ll order my burger (or whatever fare) without the bun. Eliminating the bun reduces/eliminates the carbohydrates from that meal.

When I really need to taste the bun, I’ll order a smaller (or the smallest I can get) version and have it cut in half. I can combine the two burger halves and throw away half the carbohydrates. If I feel the need to reduce the carbohydrates even further, I can almost eat the half-burger with two half-slices of bread in such a manner as to not eat one of the slices of bread – an automatic reduction of 75% of the carbohydrates from the smallest bun option.

Why is the important? Fat does not create fat. Good fat is your friend – actually, your body’s friend. Your brain is composed mainly of fat (a lot of it cholesterol) and your body needs good, healthy fats to maintain optimal health. Carbohydrates cause you to get fat. I’m talking about excessive amounts – and, today that is easily obtained with a large bun and French fries in a single meal.

I choose to avoid carbohydrates as best that I can. When I do choose to eat foods with carbohydrates, I try to keep the total below 20 grams a day – usually less than 10 grams without much difficulty. There is a health concern that you should know about living a carbohydrate-reduced lifestyle and I’ll cover that risk tomorrow.


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