Offense is better than defense to maintain and improve your health.
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We hear the terms offense and defense used in many sports. Either you are on offense, or you are on defense. How would this apply to your health? If you are doing something to maintain and/or improve your health, I would believe you are on offense. Sitting by and waiting for something to happen equates more to defense, in my humble opinion.

Many of us think we eat healthy meals. Yet, if you were asked which vitamins or minerals you are missing at the end of the day, almost no one would be able to say. I find that vitamin K2 and vitamin E (all eight components) are hard to find in everyday foods. I take a supplement for these two.

Additionally, vitamin D3 is also hard to find in foods in the right amounts. We also stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen, or wear a hat, to minimize sun exposure. Therefore, most of us lack vitamin D3. If you live north of Interstate 10, you definitely have a problem. If it’s wintertime, the problem gets worse.

It’s important to know what we eat – nutrient content especially. It’s also important to know the total caloric count of what we eat. It is so easy to eat an extra thousand calories and no even know it. The more calories, the more potential health problems down the road. Caloric restriction has been shown to significantly increase your lifespan and reduce age-related diseases.

What is your body’s pH? Again, most have no idea what pH is and how it affects your health. Do you know which foods produce acidic and alkaline conditions in your body? It’s important since disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. Stay in an acidic condition long enough (developing severe acidosis) and your bone density will most likely begin to decrease as your body absorbs calcium from your bones to maintain blood pH.

It’s a long, delicate balancing process. Awareness, education and action are required to stay on offense to maintain and improve your health.

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