Obesity is a health and aging problem
cocoparisienne / Pixabay – One out of eight in the world are clinically obese. It is anticipated to be one out of five by 2025.

I saw a headline recently equating obesity to terrorism.  With obesity, we know the cause of the threat – primarily carbohydrates.  And, we know when we eat them what might happen. With terrorism, we suspect, but don’t know exactly – or when. Studies have shown that telomere lengths are typically shorter in the obese. However, when weight reduction is successful, subsequent analyses showed that the rate of loss of telomere length decreased.  Lose weight and live longer.

Carbohydrates cause fat to be stored – not saturated fats, as the health industry proudly proclaims. The abdominal area stores more fat than the rest of the body.  It has four times the number of fat receptors to store fat. Visceral fat is stored in our abdominal cavity around our liver, pancreas and intestines.

Carbohydrates cause fat - not saturated fat.
cegoh / Pixabay – Carbohydrates cause fat – not saturated fat.

Leptin is a hormone. It is made in our fat cells. It tells our brain to stop eating because we are full. Many of us ignore this message. I went to a hypnosis class many years ago for weight loss. I want to lose about thirty pounds at the time. One hypnotic suggestion was to listen to my body when it told me that I was full. I had never really paid attention to that directive. However, it was there. I had ignored it my entire life.

There is a short communication from our brain that tells us that we have eaten enough. If we were to stop right then, we would be fine. However, there is usually food still left on the plate. We have been conditioned by our parents and society to ‘clean’ our plate – don’t leave any food on it. Many times we have paid for a meal and don’t want to leave half of it on the plate, or take the leftover food with us.

Smaller balanced meals are healthier for us.
kpgolfpro / Pixabay – Smaller balanced meals are healthier for us.

It takes a while to realize that we should be eating half, or less, of what is typically served in most restaurants (and fast food places). Listen to your body the next time you eat a large meal. There is a short body response when you have reached that point where your body is happy with the food you have already eaten.



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