A new option for obesity.
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Chronic low-level inflammation is the genesis of almost every disease. Your health is at risk if left untreated. An easy measure of inflammation is the c-reactive protein (CRP) blood test. It should be offered as part of your annual physical, but it is not. I always have it added to my annual physical, along with homocysteine level and vitamin D3, to name a couple more.

The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute performed a 30-day controlled, randomized trial of omega-7 (yes, not omega-3 or omega-6) fatty acid with high-risk cardiovascular patients. The average CRP level for this group was 4.3 mg/L. Healthy people should have a CRP level between zero and 3 mg/L. My last CRP test was unmeasurable (nearly zero). I can’t remember a reading over 0.25 mg/L in all the years that I’ve asked for this extra test.

The test results were impressive. There was a 44% reduction (CRP average of 1.9 mg/L) in the average CRP group taking omega-7 fatty acid. The placebo group showed no changes. Additionally, the omega-7 supplemented group showed reductions of 15% in triglyceride levels, 8% reduction in LDL-cholesterol and a 5% increase in HDL-cholesterol.

Another recent study with nearly 4,000 adults showed similar results. An interesting outcome of this last study was the discovery of the reduction of insulin resistance by nearly 17%. This is very significant. Our body fat creates health problems. It acts like an additional organ in our bodies. It is destructive to our health in many ways. Increases in insulin resistance can ultimately lead to type II diabetes.

Omega-7 fatty acid reduces the risk of obesity, inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. It enhances our cells’ ability to regulate fat burning more efficiently. As a result, less fat is stored.

Omega-7 is palmitoleic acid. The richest plant source is sea buckthorn. Other natural sources of omega-7 fatty acid are found in macadamia nuts, cheddar cheese, eggs, avocado, butter, and olive oil. Many of these natural sources also have palmitic acid. Many scientists believe that palmitic acid is dangerous to your health because it caused an increase in LDL-cholesterol. However, there is more to this story.

Linoleic acid counters the effects of palmitic acid. Coconut, palm and olive oils contain both linoleic and palmitic acids. Medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut and red palm oil do not raise cholesterol. The main health benefits from these saturated plant fats comes from the capric and lauric acids.

Overweight and nothing is working, consider adding omega-7 fatty acid supplement to your diet. Consult with your physician if you are on any medication or at risk for cardiovascular or other related disease.

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