Fasting can add many healthy years to your life.
LoganArt / Pixabay – Fasting can add many healthy years to your life.

Dr. Michael Mosley was featured in a documentary called, Eat, Fast, and Live Longer. Dr. Mosley is an author, television presenter, self-experimenter and fasting diet advocate. In his documentary, he started a fasting regimen as a borderline diabetic and had high cholesterol. He observed that people committed to intermittent fasting improved their own cardiovascular health and reduced their risk of other diseases. They generally lived a longer and healthier life.

There are two separate issues that need clarification. One is a caloric restriction (CR) and the other is intermittent fasting (IF). CR involves eating up to 30 percent fewer calories than nutritionists tell us we need to maintain weight. However, the calories eaten must come from balanced nutrition to maintain long-term health and wellness. CR has shown extended longevity in animal studies, with improved health in the later years.

Intermittent fasting (IF) is one form of caloric restriction. I average at least twelve hours, and as many as eighteen or more, between meals daily. I structure my life to eat between noon and 6:00 p.m. each day. IF can be accomplished by eating very small meals a couple of times a week, or not eating at all for one or two days a week. There is a lot of literature on fasting and IF.

We should not fast, or enter into an IF program, if we:

● Are underweight
● Have an eating disorder
● Are under eighteen years of age
● Are a Type 1 diabetic
● Are Pregnant or breastfeeding
● Are Recovering from surgery
● Have a fever or not feeling well
● Are taking Warfarin (a blood thinner)

Talk to your physician before entering into any type of fasting program.

Intermittent fasting may not normally include balanced nutrition. Sometimes, the amount of food not eaten on the day of fast is doubled up on the non-fast (eating) day. What you eat on your fast day is important if you are seeking better long-term health. Researchers believe your body needs time to repair itself. Intermittent fasting provides that time. There are some intermittent fasting programs that nearly equal the health benefits of caloric restriction.

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