Colored fruits and vegetables are needed to sustain great health.
Unsplash / Pixabay – Colored fruits and vegetables are needed to sustain great health.

There is a risk of eating too many calories to obtain the right nutritional balance. Several studies show that restricted calorie diets actually improve health and extend longevity. Therefore, we should select nutrient dense foods. What are some of the foods that provide adequate levels of nutrients, yet do not significantly increase the total calories consumed with each meal? Here are more than a dozen foods you should be eating daily:

● Green leafy vegetables
● Colored fruits and vegetables
● Cruciferous vegetables
● Garlic
● Ginger
● Almonds
● Turmeric
● Green tea
● Fermented foods
● Organic eggs from free-range chickens
● Grass-fed beef
● Coconut and coconut oil
● Locally grown organic vegetables
● Berries
● Mushrooms
● Onions

There are some specific vitamins and minerals worth mentioning briefly. Zinc is a major contributor to your immune system. Zinc is contained in lean meats and poultry. Selenium and iron are two other minerals that support good immune system health. Selenium is found in garlic and broccoli. Iron is contained in kale, turkey, and seafood.

Seafood is a great source of nutrients.
cegoh / Pixabay – Seafood is a great source of nutrients.

A good mixture of the following vitamins will support your immune system – A, B6, B9, C, D and E. Vitamin A is found in carrots and sweet potatoes. Vitamin B6 is in bananas and lean chicken breast. Beans, peas, and leafy green vegetables are a good source of vitamin B9 (folate). Spinach, kale, and citrus are nutrient dense foods containing vitamin C. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Some foods contain it, but your best bet is supplementation if you cannot achieve a good balance of sunshine and foods like fatty fish. Almonds and spinach contain vitamin E. Please note this list is not the totality of foods or nutrients needed for a healthy immune system. It is just a quick synopsis of those foods that support your immune function.

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