Are you armed correctly to succeed?
Devanath / Pixabay – Are you armed and have the skills for success?

Your subconscious mind is a double-edged sword when working towards success and failure. It can help you or hurt you. There are ways to wield the sword more on the success side.

Your subconscious mind retains every event in your life – real or imagined. Use your dream skills to create a success filled life with the things you want to achieve. Create a memory that captures the satisfying emotion of accomplishing that goal.

Do that repeatedly – several times a day. Build up a history in your brain of success after success to cancel out the history of failures that already exists filed away inside your head.

The words ‘want’ and ‘need’ are not understood by your subconscious mind. You need to use words such as ‘expect’ and ‘desire’ when talking to yourself. Anything you say to your conscious mind is almost unattainable. The conscious mind controls less than five percent of what you do daily.

Affirmations are only effective when using the present tense, when they are positive, and when they are personal statements. I don’t want… does not compute in your subconscious mind. Tomorrow, I will… does not compute. It would be nice to… does not compute. Changing the personal statement helps. I am expecting… Or, Red is expecting… Or, Red O’Laughlin is expecting… Or, Mr. O’Laughlin is expecting.

Changing the personal perspective hits the subconscious mind in different ways. Add emotions when doing affirmations. Add aromas or sounds to your affirmations. Make them stand out above and beyond the normal in your life.

I use the example of riding a bicycle when we were younger when I speak about adding emotion to your thoughts. Have you ever ridden a bicycle, I ask my audience. Did you ever ride a bicycle barefoot? Did your foot ever slip off and hit the pavement while riding? Anyone who has experienced the ‘feeling’ of their toe scraping along the concrete will not forget it. Anyone who has not done it can ‘feel’ the pain.

Choose emotions – positive or negative – and incorporate them into your visualizations and your affirmations.

We pick up bad habits as we go through life. Sometimes we get rid of them. These bad habits affect us. Do we hang around with the wrong people? Do we read (or not read) the right materials/articles/etc.? Do we watch the wrong things on television/Internet/etc.?

Anything that keeps negativity in your life should be significantly reduced or eliminated. I gave up television network news (and most other television shows) in 1987. It was too negative for me. It seemed (to me) to be more opinion-based than news-based.

Tell me what happened, not what you think about it. I read headlines today and dive down deeper when it piques my interest. I keep in my mind that what I am reading/listening to is probably biased from the perspective of the writer/broadcaster.

Stress is another factor that slashes the wrong way and keeps us from succeeding. The negativity from whatever source increases your stress. Everything thought you have creates chemicals in your body – good and bad. Everything you see, hear, say or feel creates chemicals in your body – good and bad.

Jump out of the comfort zone you live in and begin a new life – starting today. When asked, “How are you?’ – typically a question that the person asking does by rote, you might answer, “OK”, “Not bad”, or some other negative or neutral response.

My mentor answered, “Excellent, as always!” with enthusiasm. It took me about thirty days of responding with this expression before I believed it and felt confident every time I said it. Even on those few days when I was a bit less than reasonable, saying, “Excellent, as always!” with enthusiasm caused an immediate change in my psyche.

Use visualization and affirmations daily to help your subconscious mind slash through the barriers stopping you from getting there. Eliminate the distractions you have control over.

Eliminate stress daily in your life. There are lots of excellent videos on YouTube for stress relief. Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (also on YouTube) for focus, stress relief and achieving your goals.

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