What really controls nearly 100% of everything you do daily?
dakzxz / Pixabay – What really controls nearly 100% of everything you do daily?

Your conscious mind has no control over what you do. It might impact as much as five percent of the decisions you make, but no more than that. Your subconscious mind is in control of everything you do. Your subconscious mind is alive and aware of everything around it 24/7. It is being programmed every day, starting on the day you were born. It continues to be programmed with every breath you take.

Programming has been done by:

● Your parents
● Your siblings
● Your friends
● The books you read
● The television shows you watched
● The movies you saw
● The newspapers you read
● The companies you worked for
● Your co-workers
● Your church (or lack of it)

Every experience you have had has been reviewed, cataloged and stored inside your subconscious mind.

You make decisions based on what you have done (or happened to you) in the past. The prime directive of your subconscious mind is to protect you from harm – physical and emotional harm.

If you have been successful with certain things in the past, you will continue to be successful doing those same things in the future. If you have not been successful in an endeavor previously, then you literally cannot be successful by using the same approach you have used before.

Let’s take dieting. If you went on a diet many years ago and failed, your subconscious mind registers it as a failure. Yes, dieting might be exactly what you need right now in your life, but your subconscious mind does not want to see your fail again. It will sabotage every attempt you make to be successful at dieting. You will fail again and your history will be reinforced for that type of failure.

People want, need or desire things (health, wealth, etc.). However, the words ‘want’, ‘need’ or ‘desire’ talk to your conscious mind. They have no standing or influence on the decision maker inside your head –– your subconscious mind. Words like ‘expect’, ‘anticipate’ or ‘intent’ talk directly to the decision maker. If you ‘want’ and ‘need’ you will rarely succeed.

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