Attitude can improve or destroy the quality of your life.
Hans / Pixabay – Attitude can improve or destroy the quality of your life.

The economy cycles over the years. It can put many people out of work, or worried about being out of work. Our reality is impacted by financial lending restrictions, diminished savings, unexpected repair or medical bills, and other personal factors. As such, in times like these, we actually expect less. We artificially use factors we can’t control, for the most part, to modify our desires and expectations; and, as a result, impact our happiness.

What is stopping you from having happiness in the face of economic uncertainty? Your subconscious mind is leading the charge. The fear, dread, panic, worry, anxiety, etc. affect your subconscious mind. Your brain paralyzes your desires, which typically ignites your expectations. You have control over a lot of things, but you choose not to accept the risk.

Assume, for a moment, that a good friend comes to you and says he just got involved with a fantastic product/service. For $49.95, you can get involved in the same opportunity and make a lot of money. The ‘salesman’ alarm detonates in your subconscious mind and tells you – NO WAY! I’ve tried this before and failed. I’m not going to allow it to happen again. Besides, I’m not a salesman and I would fail. Your subconscious mind’s prime directive is to keep you from failing.

Your subconscious mind controls your happiness, whether you want it to or not. How do you change your subconscious mind to increase your happiness? You can’t do it consciously – it doesn’t work that way. You begin with what you can control – first your attitude.

Your subconscious mind controls over 95% over everything you do.
johnhain / Pixabay – Your subconscious mind controls over 95% over everything you do.

We can be successful where others won’t take the time or trouble to do so. We can view depressing, miserable or hopeless situations as temporary. I have read biographies about people being in the hospital, literally unable to move. They were paralyzed from the neck down. They made the decision to gain control of their lives. Bill Bartmann’s autobiography is Bouncing Back. Morris Goodman’s autobiography is The Miracle Man. It has also been made into a movie. There are many more. If you want some insights into the mind of someone who won’t give up, please read these books.

Attitude is a major factor in accepting our reality and understanding that no matter what happens, it is temporary – worst case. Our attitude will alter our desires to a higher level and cause our expectations to increase.

As Newton’s First Law of Motion tells us –every object tends to remain in a constant state of motion, unless an external force is applied to it. We have to change something to change our destination. Change your expectations first. Then, change your attitude. Take action and accept a risk. Convert your expectations into your new reality.

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