Breathing enhances your immune system.
Freepht / Pixabay – Breathing enhances your immune system.

I was at a party last night and a friend asked if I had ever bought health insurance. I told him that I had not. He asked if I was ever worried about getting in an accident and having to rely on local doctors overseas to take care of me. I told him that I never really gave it much thought. It is something I will consider for future trips overseas.

The best system for health is our immune system. Keep it in high gear and you can ward off most anything thrown at you. Part of keeping your immune system finely tuned is maintaining balanced nutrition. However, there is another component that most people are unaware of – your breathing.

I have published (and spoken) about healthy breathing. Healthy breathers are never sick a day in their lives, even if they work with sick people. The extra oxygen in the bloodstream kills bacteria, viruses, germs, parasites, etc. The better you can breathe helps your immune system get stronger.

There is a really simple test to determine how good a breather you are. Take as full a breath as possible and count out loud in a whisper, as fast as you, can from the number one to as high as you can count on that one breath. The finishing determines the level of a breather you are. When you get to one-hundred, start all over at number one again. The highest recorded number is 304.

Great breathers consistently rank above 150. Poor breathers are below 60. Do the test a couple of times and see how you fare. There are lots of breathing exercises (see YouTube) to improve your breathing ability.

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