Arm exercises are required to tone up flabby biceps.
skeeze / Pixabay – Arm exercises are required to tone up flabby biceps.

As we age, we tend to gain extra fat. Some of that fat is around our mid-section. Sometimes it resides in our butts. For a few, there is a drooping, flabby strip hanging from under our biceps. For a few, those ‘batwings’ will be with them till they die.

Aging brings on changes. Our lifestyles become more sedentary. Our body fat mass increases. Our muscle mass decreases. We lose elasticity in our skin, all over our body. Genetics also contributes a bit to the flabby arm syndrome.

This fitness situation is not permanent. However, it is not easy to fix. Once we get into a habit of not exercising, beginning any exercise program is difficult. When we have packed away dozens of extra pounds for a decade or more, it is not an easy task to remove the body fat and keep it off.

Dieting for the sake of losing weight is a non-starter. The word ‘diet’ implies a temporary change to your current eating and exercise habits. You must change your habits to see permanent changes in your overall appearance.

Reflect on your lifestyle for a moment. Are you sitting more than moving around? Are you eating nutritionally balanced foods? Are you aware of portion control? Are you as healthy as you want to be? Many questions can be asked. Let’s leave it with the four above for the moment.
As simple as walking is for many of us, it is a useful exercise. The calories burned are dependent on your weight and the distance you walk. The rate of your walking is not significant to start. It’s better to keep a slower pace and build a habit of walking daily.

If you weight around 180 pounds, you should expect to burn about 100 calories. If your weight is around 120 pounds, about 65 calories is the norm to lose. I have a neighbor who lost over 200 pounds just walking. The answer to the first question above is to begin something – today. Walking is the easiest for most of us.

Eating nutritionally balanced foods is almost unheard of in the United States. Most of us have no concept of what is required to balance over thirty essential nutrients our bodies need daily. The best reference that I’ve found is the book, The Wahls Protocol.

In this book, a definitive guide to what to eat daily is given. A quick summary to get you started. A cup of leafy green vegetables should be included in a meal. A cup of colored fruits and vegetables must also be added. The color of the fruit or vegetable must go all the way through the fruit or vegetable – think blueberry, not eggplant.

The next item to include in your meal is sulfur-laden vegetables. This includes cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli. Brussel Sprouts, cabbage, kale, etc.), onions, garlic, and mushrooms.
The final meal requirement is three to four ounces of high-quality protein. I recommend not having the same protein source within any 48-hour period.

Notably missing is grains and dairy. The objective is to eat healthier than you have before and to provide any many of the required nutrients as possible with the least number of calories. Grains and dairy add more calories than other options.

Portion control is the most natural thing to do. Use smaller plates – period! Don’t go back for seconds. Balance your foods (from the above list) on your plate and enjoy it. You can eat your vegetables raw or sauté or steam them.

What does healthy mean to you? To me, it means not taking any prescription medicines. It means being able to do anything physically that I want to do. It means sleeping well every night. It means having the flexibility and strength I need to enjoy life. And, it means that the results of any medical test I take are within normal limits.

Changing a lifestyle that includes daily exercise and prudent eating is an excellent start to achieving long-lasting health. If you are on prescription medicine, ask your physician what it takes to get off that medicine. There are too many side effects that can complicate your life.

Getting back to the batwings – how do you get rid of them? I did a quick check on Google, and the following headlines were staring at me.

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There is no lack of information about which exercises target the lower tricep muscles. Try several and decide what you want to stick with for a while. Give it 30 days and then try a different set of exercises. The key is doing those exercises daily.

Eating healthy will make you healthier. Exercising will help you look better. Begin today and develop better habits.

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