Treat the cause of a disease, not the symptoms.
WikiImages / Pixabay – Treat the cause of a disease, not the symptoms.

I’ve been asked at various speaking events what I thought the worst thing (nutrient/food) we could eat. I don’t hesitate to answer this question at all. Most nutritionists tell us that sugar, especially refined sugar, is the worst nutritional substance we eat on a regular basis. Some add the high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as a more harmful substance. I agree both are pretty bad nutrients – and, I use that term very loosely.

In the old days (at least when I was growing up), there was only sugar and the products available were much smaller – think the size of Coca-Cola back in the 50s – 6.5 ounces. At the local diner, the usual coke rink was served in a six-ounce glass. Sugar didn’t seem to be a big threat to national health back then.

Today, we supersize everything. The HFCS actually makes the health risk much greater because of the overwhelming size of the serving. Plus, HFCS is used in most packaged products – making it more available than ever.

For me, wheat is the worst culprit. Wheat has gluten and I believe it to be the number one enemy of our current health. Why, pray tell? Wheat has been hybridized thousands of times over the past decades and none of it has been tested for effects on our health. Gluten has been enhanced to make things taste better and blend better (think smooth texture).

However, gluten is one of the number one offenders of our gut – our second brain. Gluten causes zonulin, a protein in our guts to grow exponentially out of control and allow the contents of our intestines to dump into our blood streams. This has serious effects on health. Over 100 autoimmune diseases are said to be a result of the gluten attack on our gut and immune system.

Gluten affects more than our gut. It affects our brains in many serious ways also – more on that shortly.

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