What protective measures should we have a year and a half into the pandemic?

I have a friend living in France. Their social distance requirement is one meter – a couple of inches or so over a yard – 36 inches. So why is the social distance at six feet in the United States?

Social Distance

https://theprint.in/theprint-essential/1m-1-5m-2m-the-different-levels-of-social-distancing-countries-are-following-amid-covid/449425/. The World Health Organization recommended one meter physical distance between people. China, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore adopted that distance. Other countries adopted one and a half meters or two meters as a social distance standard.

Given the current degradation of infection protection on the mRNA shots, it might be the most prudent thing to do – stay away from the close proximity of others, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

Germany’s Measures

https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/10/four-measures-are-helping-germany-beat-covid-19/620466/?fbclid=IwAR1r9temVtwktQYNq3SUWr4iqZ2LHPR49aoWNYnjJ2tGpNPky2sjhARaZU4. Over time, the Germans determined that certain personal protections afford better protection and phased in updated policies over the last year and a half. Germany is determined to return to everyday life while maintaining safety for its citizens.

Mass events are allowed when mass transportation is not needed. Each state has its own regulations, but anyone vaccinated or survived the virus can dine indoors, go to movies, attend sporting events, etc. Those unvaccinated can do the same with proof of no infection within 24 hours of attending.
Germany believes that testing is essential to keeping the virus under control. Most cities have easy-to-access COVID-19 testing centers – with minimal charge. The results are emailed within 15 minutes. Additionally, cheap home test kits are available.

Another measure that changed addresses face masks. Cloth masks are not allowed. A surgical FFP2 mask (KN95 in the United States) is required. Initially, face masks were in short supply. They no longer are in demand or high priced. Studies have shown cloth masks are less effective and were phased out.

Contact tracing is common in several countries. Visitors and patrons to certain clubs (and other facilities) must provide contact details to gain entry. Despite all precautions, nineteen infections were tracked to over 2,500 people connected to those attending one event.

Germany has a different mindset from its neighbors. I lived there for a couple of years in the late ‘90s and enjoyed many things that cannot be found in the United States. They have analyzed what works better and implemented a phased-in approach to adopt incrementally better safety standards to protect its citizens.


Germany has four sensible improvements to reduce the spread of the pandemic virus. Unfortunately, the United States never adopted any type of contact tracing system – why? We will never know.
Any face mask is allowed in most places, except hospitals, from what I have observed. Some states restrict attendance at large events more than others. There is no consistency in regulations.

I have maintained for nearly a year that quick, easy, inexpensive test kits could have immediate effects in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Test yourself before leaving home. If positive, stay home! Employers can test people as they enter the workspaces. Isolate each worker until a clean bill of health is given – hopefully mere minutes.

The United States insists on slow and costly PCR tests that some scientists believe are not accurate and yield too many false positives. https://www.biospace.com/article/releases/-replace-bogus-pcr-tests-to-avoid-unnecessary-coronavirus-lockdowns-urges-milford-molecular-diagnostics-director-dr-sin-hang-lee/ and https://researchinfotext.com/article-details/qPCR-is-not-PCR-Just-as-a-Straightjacket-is-not-a-Jacket-the-Truth-Revealed-by-SARS-CoV-2-False-Positive-Test-Results. Antigen tests are quicker and cheaper and are not as available as in other countries.

We have bureaucracies that take time to chew through information and determine what to do. Millions of people in India were saved using an antiviral drug that shut down the spread of coronavirus in five weeks. Those states in India using the antiviral drug are seeing exceptionally low infection levels compared to other Indian states that did not adopt that protocol. The United States will not consider this antiviral drug without months of clinical trials because that is the way our bureaucracy works to assess the safety and efficacy of drugs – regardless of the significantly more comprehensive real-world testing in India.

We made significant progress in some areas and have stopped making progress in others. I fear that the continual diminishment of infection protection afforded by mRNA shots will keep the infection season open for months and maybe years to come. We need a vaccine that works, not a shot that boosters must be given once or twice a year.

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