A dream body is still attainable for many of us.

Most of us know that if we eliminate carbohydrates from our diet that our body converts from glucose as a primary energy source to ketones. The change in energy source will force fat from fat cells. There are some health issues with living in ketosis for long periods of time. Concentrating on nutritional balance while on a ketone diet can minimize future health problems.

What other options do you have to get rid of fat? Insulin resistance is one of many culprits that cause more fat to be stored. Insulin resistance can be reduced by chromium, vitamin K2, Metformin, luteolin, true cinnamon, crocin, and polymethoxylated flavones.

Fruits, vegetables, and other plants produce flavonoids. There are two classifications – flavones and flavanones. Examples of flavanones are hesperidin in oranges and naringenin in grapefruit. Examples of flavones are tangeretin in tangerines and nobiletin in oranges. As a general category, polymethoxylated flavones includes the more commonly found flavones.

Luteolin (also a flavone), exercise, calorie restriction, glucomannan, and fiber can decrease levels of insulin.

The most common flavanones are hesperidin from oranges and naringenin from grapefruit. The most common flavones, also known as polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs), are tangeretin and nobiletin, present in orange and tangerine. PMFs can be found online as a supplement.

You can increase insulin sensitivity in many ways – curcumin, vanadium, chlorogenic acid, adiponectin, eating fewer calories, fasting, chromium, magnesium, cocoa polyphenols, omega-3 fatty acids, oolong tea, green tea, black tea, exercise, and restoring free testosterone.

Sometimes our hunger pangs or cravings force us to eat things. These eating habits can be changed. Portion control is one way. Hypnotism and acupuncture are other ways. Fiber helps. High-intensity exercise works well. Good quality sleep works wonders also. Prebiotics is another thing to consider. You would be amazed what laughter can do to cravings!

Sometimes we can absorb fat before it gets to the fat cell. It can then be eliminated from the body the next time you go to the bathroom. Fat absorption can be facilitated with coconut oil, oolong tea, glucomannan, fish oil, fat blockers, chitosan, aubergine, fiber, and lipase enzyme reduction. Aubergine or eggplant can absorb four times more fat than French-fried potatoes.

There are occasions where we eat more carbohydrates than we should. Carbohydrate absorption options might help. The longer it takes to digest and absorb the carbohydrates, the slower the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Beta-glucans, alpha-glucosidase, Maitake mushrooms, Salicia oblonga, Alpha-amylase, white kidney bean extract, and chlorogenic acid increase carbohydrate absorption.

There are options to increase this or decrease that. If you are in nutritional balance, there is less likelihood that you need any other assistance. However, as you age, things do not work like they used to. You need all the help you can find.

Most everything I listed is natural. If you are on any kind of medication, please consult your doctor before beginning a fat-loss program. You never know what interferes with prescription drugs nowadays.

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