Technology can help us if we use it properly.
avantrend / Pixabay – Are you using technology to truly help you?

The Golden Globes are on television in the background right now as I’m writing this blog. I can barely hear it, which is good for my concentration. It has me wondering a bit though. We (various groups within the United States) honor people for their performances (movies, television, stage, etc.). Yet, there are a lot of people who are never recognized in the same manner, yet they shape our lives in many more ways than a celebrity.

I am talking about our mentors. Not everyone has a mentor, but everyone can have a mentor. We traditionally think of a mentor as a friend or business acquaintance who have mastered skills we want to learn. We expect them to help us achieve those new skills. However, with the technology available today, we can have mentors 24/7 on our cell phones, tablets and computers.

In the past, without having direct access to a business ‘celebrity’, we would be forced to read a book or listen to an audio CD to gain knowledge. Today, videos, seminars, podcasts, daily e-mail tips, etc. abound across the Internet. Yet, with all this availability, there are many of us who never take the time to learn from them.

TEDx talks provide great general and detail information for a very diverse audience. Motivational gurus can still be seen on video years after they have left us. We have the technology to help us. Why don’t we? There are a few of us who do use these resources – continuously improving our personal lives and businesses. What about the rest of us?

I don’t know the reasons. Some might not know about what’s available (very few). Some of us don’t have the time (yet, we have time for other things not as important). Some of us think we don’t need further help (this group generally never reads a book after high school or college). Some of us focus on the wrong things for our spare time (music, sports, games, etc.). There are so many distractions in our individual worlds that we never take the time to spend on own improvement.

We have the technology. We don’t have the plan to use it. 2017 has started. Make a goal today to add one 15-30-minute video or podcast to watch/listen to each week in an area that you have a true interest. It will make a difference in your life in another 50 weeks.

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