Travel eating is usually difficult.
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I just returned home from trip. I went from Houston, Texas to Key West, Florida and back to Houston again. I was a held captive in a car for many hours each day. By captive, I mean that I was a passenger, not tied up. We stopped at various fast food and other restaurants along the way.

My normal regimen of daily eating was interrupted by the choice of the driver and other passengers. It wasn’t always a consensus. What I eat at home is not available at most places along the highways of America. My daily preference is several greens, colored fruits and vegetables, some quality fat and protein – all organic, as much as possible.

On the way back, I could tell that my body was not the same as it was when I left. Clarity of thinking was muddled. Fatigue increased due to non-movement. Quality of sleep was decreased with new places several times during the trip. And, so on. I’ve been thinking about it since returning home. What could I have done?

Not having access to the quality and types of foods instantly makes me think of going on an intermittent fast. I regularly fast between 15-18 hours daily. I eat between noon and six o’clock each day. Sometimes I have two meals and most of the time I have just one large one.

I do extended intermittent fasts on a monthly basis. These fasts are in excess of 40 hours. I drink water and unsweetened iced tea during these longer fasts. If I had planned better, I could have done an extended fast on the drive out and again on the way back home.

Intermittent fasts work great on fights across the country or out of the States. You arrive within twenty-four hours of taking off in most cases. In a car, it is a bit different. A longer fast might be the right answer.

It turns out that intermittent (and extended) fasts are highly healthy for you. It accelerates your body’s creation of human growth hormone and reduces the risks of many age-related diseases. It is great for your body to purge itself of many impurities and enhances your brain’s ability to think more clearly. I knew this before getting into the car and should have planned more carefully. Can’t wait for my next extended travel to test drive this option.

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