Treat the cause and eliminate the result.
jajalaba0 / Pixabay – Treat the cause and eliminate the result.

One of the things I hammered into my wife’s head when she got cancer was that something caused it, and she had to change something in order for it not to come back. Cause and effect is an easy concept to understand. If ‘this’ causes ‘that’ – it’s that simple. If you treat the ‘this’ then you should expect a different ‘that’.

Some people get migrane headaches from eating chocolate. They stop eating chocolate and they have less headaches or no headaches at all. You must change something to expect a different outcome.

I’ve been asked many health and wellness questions lately regarding what would I do for this condition or that condition. I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe any course of treatment. I can tell you that certain things follow a prescribed pathway – if you want a different result, you must make changes in your current lifestyle.

Stress, toxins, radiation, infection, inflammation and diet are common causes of cancer. Doctors won’t tell you that. However, look at the research and the ones listed above are the most common causes. Look at your lifestyle. What could be the culprit? (Hint – it’s probably more than one)

For most people it is a combination of stress, toxins and diet. All three of those produce inflammation in the body. Regular daily stress relief will address the stress issue. A nutritionally balanced diet will provide stability for your body – no deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. A nutritionally balanced diet will provide the antioxidants to fight the myriad of free radicals causing low-level cellular inflammation.

A careful review of the personal care products and foods you eat will identify a massive amount of toxins that you didn’t know were entering your body on a daily basis. All of this falls under education and awareness. Most of us are ignorant of the things that cause disease; and/or, we’ve been told myths which we believe as truths that are not.

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