Creating a pill that reduces the severity of symptoms does not make it effective to reduce the spread of infection.

I do not think the latest Pfizer pill is the last rendition sung by the fat lady. Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the end of the pandemic is in sight – maybe as early as January 4th, 2022.

New Pfizer Pill Pfizer’s clinical trials for a new antiviral pill to combat COVID-19 was stopped early because the new antiviral pill showed it could prevent hospitalization and death by nearly 90%. This sounds a bit like the announcement of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine that could stop the transmission of coronavirus by 95%, only to find out that six months later, the actual effectiveness was below 50%, preventing infections.

Even though the Pfizer mRNA vaccine is waning in preventing infections for those fully vaccinated, Pfizer tells us that it is still effective in reducing the severity of the virus and minimizing hospitalization. They quote a figure above 80% for vaccines over six months old to protect from hospitalization.

I wrote an article recently that showed how the infection protection of the mRNA vaccine went from three infections in 100,000 fully vaccinated people to one in 500 in six months in Minnesota. Unfortunately, not all states track breakthrough information the same.

Most articles still claim that the mRNA vaccine is working perfectly and that breakthrough cases are rare. However, those articles are not recent ones. For example, what was true two or three months after receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is not true a few months later. The same is true when comparing natural immunity to vaccine immunity.

The End in Sight! Dr. Gottlieb appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box this past week and stated that he thinks the end is in sight to conquer COVID-19. Once the Delta variant runs its course and the Pfizer antiviral pill is distributed, the number of new cases should fall dramatically in the United States. I have doubts about this happening since the new Pfizer pill is not touted to stop the spread of the infection.


I was happy predicting herd immunity would probably occur in September 2021 based on the numbers of people surviving the virus and the increasing numbers of those becoming fully vaccinated. Was it the Delta variant that destroyed any hopes of herd immunity, or was it something else? The mRNA vaccine did not live up to its promise and hype. Now a booster shot might have to be given every six months until who knows when.

I was extremely pleased to see the success of other antiviral pills in fighting the virus in other countries; the most famous is India, in which it nearly wiped out the virus in five weeks.

The Delta variant attacked India around April 1st, 2021. After experiencing weeks of static daily deaths from COVID-19, the Delta variant swept through the country, and by the first week of May, nearly 35,000 deaths from COVID-19 were occurring daily.

One antiviral pill was initiated in several states in India during the last week of April because there was no vaccine availability. However, by the end of July, the death rate from COVID-19 was at pre-Delta variant levels.

I can hope that the new American antiviral pill is as effective. If it is, then we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. However, the new Pfizer antiviral pill is hyped at reducing the severity of the disease and not as infection prevention. That part bothers me a lot. The fat lady continues to sing for many months to come.

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